Repustate's API is a simple RESTful API. All responses are in JSON format. Pay special attention to which HTTP verb is required. Successful responses return an HTTP status code of 200. Incorrect or missing arguments will result in status code 400.


The API endpoint is located at https://api.repustate.com/v4

Rate Limiting

There are no limits to the number of calls you can make per minute/hour/day etc. however all accounts are subject to monthly limits according to the plan you signed up for. In the event that you exceed your monthly quota, you will receive an HTTP 429 response on all subsequent API calls.

Client Libraries

We've got client libraries to help you out. Download a Repustate client to get started.

Multiple languages

Most API calls can be used with multiple languages, not just in English. To specify another language, you have to provide the two letter code for the language you're interested in. The languages currently supported are:

Language Code
Arabic (العربية) ar
Chinese (中文) zh
Dutch (Nederlands) nl
English en
French (Français) fr
German (Deutsch) de
Hebrew (עִברִית) he
Italian (Italiano) it
Japanese (日本語) ja
Korean (한국어) ko
Polish (Polski) pl
Portuguese (Português) pt
Russian (русский) ru
Spanish (Español) es
Turkish (Türk) tr
Thai (ไทย) th
Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt) vi


There is no explicit authentication mechanism. You simply include your API key in each API request.

Multiple Accounts

Sometimes it's necessary to maintain multiple profiles of sentiment rules, especially if you are an agency or a social media analytics company. You don't want to mix up one set of rules/scores with another. To that end, Repustate supports a means to keep your custom rules and subsequent sentiment analysis separate by use of a custom HTTP header "X-Sub-Account". This way, you still only need one Repustate API key, but can create rules for multiple "sub accounts" that you create and maintain on your end. Here's an example use of this header using cURL:

curl --header "X-Sub-Account: sub-account-1" 
     --data   "text=Score this using my custom rules"