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Derive sentiment insights from all audio, video and text content from any source including social media, news, blogs and surveys.

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Arabic NLP: Repustate's sentiment analysis API is powered by Arabic natural language processing (NLP). It analyzes Arabic data natively, without the need to translate any document into English. That’s how you get the most accurate and meticulous results in the market.

NER: Repustate model has the highest accuracy in Named Entity Recognition. It is not an off-the-shelf product, but a highly personalized solution.

Speed & Scale: Repustate’s Arabic Sentiment analysis API can process 1,000 comments per second, and scale from 1 to 10 million to 100 million+ documents.

Technical Integration: The API seamlessly integrates with your existing technology. You don’t need any iterative cost for 3rd party support.

Deployment: It is available as a Cloud model, and an on-premise installation for data security behind your firewall, in a one-click solution.