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Over 3,000 organizations like yours are using Repustate now.

From Dubai to New York, from London to Riyadh, businesses and governments trust Repustate for their English Arabic Chinese French German Spanish Italian Russian Polish semantic and sentiment analysis needs.

Repustate’s API can be integrated into any workflow seamlessly and quickly.

Repustate provides client libraries in C#, Java, PHP, Ruby and Python to help you get started.

About the Repustate API

from repustate import Repustate
client = Repustate(api_key='YOUR_API_KEY')
client.sentiment(text='I love text analytics')
client.sentiment(text="Je n'aime pas la pluie", lang='fr')
client.sentiment(text='اليوم هو يوم جميل', lang='ar')

Keep your data safe and secure with the self-hosted Repustate Server.

With just one-click, you can install and self-host Repustate within your organization’s network

About the Repustate Server