Repustate is the only enterprise text analytics tool your company needs.

Sentiment and semantic text analytics in any of English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese and Arabic.

sentiment analysis
Multilingual sentiment analysis

Repustate will tell extract the opinions contained within your text on any subject matter in any language. Analyze sentiment at the document, topic or sentence level.

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semantic analysis
Named entity recognition

Use semantic analysis to identify the people, places and brands in your text. Determine the subject matter and themes mentioned in your text.

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social media analytics
Enriched social media analysis

Create rules to get the social media data relevant to you. Use Repustate to analyze your data for sentiment and identify the semantic aspects of your text.

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excel plugin
Text analytics directly in Excel

If your data is already in Excel, use Repustate's plugin to analyze it right away. One click download and install. The power of Repustate all from witin Excel.

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