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Our AI-powered API automates the manual task of extracting insights from unstructured data using semantic technology, helping you improve workflow and efficiency.

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Unlock insights from documents, social posts, surveys, and other data to deeply understand the feelings and motivations of your customers.



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Measure the perception of your organization and employee engagement, using our language analysis technology, and improve top talent retention, acquisition and overall productivity.

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  • 145 Saudi cities and villages
  • Aspect-based sentiment analysis
  • Patient Voice
  • Voice of Employee (VoE)
  • English & Native Arabic model

Nahdi Medical Voice of Customer and Employee

Repustate developed a customized aspect-based sentiment model to capture and analyse both, the voice of the employee (VoE) and voice of the customer (VoC) data, using a customized Arabic NLP model.


Semantic Search Solution for Getting Things Done

Repustate provided GTD with a customized semantic search solution, capable of handling terabytes of data and making over 100,000 pieces of archived content instantly searchable and discoverable.

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Sentiment Analysis

Unlock the meaning in your data.

Our AI-powered, semantic technology driven API, highlights emotions and intentions buried in terabytes of language and data, providing tangible results and actionable insights. Learn more

Enterprise Search

Unlock the potential of your data.

Our ML-based search API infers context within a query, providing more accurate and relevant results, increasing team efficiency. Learn more


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Gauging different reactions to automotive recalls. An automotive maker, concerned about its image following another large product recall, tracks popular social media, automotive blogs, and forums to see how people are responding. Keen on a language analysis technology company for insight, it sought Repustate to help understand the data it had collected.

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Is anybody really happy with their bank? A South African bank dives deep into customer feedback to find out what their customers really like (and hate) about banking.

The banking sector in South Africa is highly competitive. All major brands have comprehensive mobile banking offerings, attractive savings accounts, and innovative products with which to win demand deposits. Churn rates tend to be high, with banks making attractive offers to win customers over from rivals.

A major bank wanted to differentiate itself from the pack by putting a major focus on customer service. To avoid being seen as a commodity, this bank wanted to gain a reputation as being the only one in South Africa that really cared about its customers. Repustate's sophisticated semantic technology driven API helped the bank meet this challenge.

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Quantitative Trading

Can employee sentiment predict future returns? Traditionally, a company's financials are used as signals to determine the trajectory a company is following. Repeatedly solid quarterly results convey a company on the ascent. But that information is public, anyone can use it, and everyone does use it. How can a trading desk get a leg up on its counterparts if they're all using the same information?

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Addressing citizen's concerns in near real-time. Today it has become common practice for people to take to the internet, be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or personal blogs, to share their day-to-day experiences. Traffic jams, bad service at the passport office, slow-to-respond government websites, however mundane it might seem, people feel compelled to share this information with the world. But where many see this content as being banal, it can be priceless to a well-organized government, looking to improve public services. Repustate's customizable and agile AI-driven semantic technology tool helped uncover valuable information from all that data.

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Call Centre

How do you reduce customer churn at a mobile carrier? Mobile carriers are in a cut-throat industry. One carrier reached out to Repustate to re-invent their call center to prevent customers from switching to their competition. Every business wishes they had 100% customer satisfaction. But in industries like wireless telecommunications, that's not the reality. Assuming you'll always have some segment of unhappy customers, can something be done to greatly reduce the churn rate of angry customers? As a language analysis company that unearths insights from complex integrated data, our powerful algorithm provided the answers.

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Helping people find the hotel they really want. How do you turn millions of hotel reviews from completely different people into highly personalized suggestions for individual travellers? The answer lies in the semantic analysis of hotel reviews.

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Health & Pharma

Finding the proverbial needle in thousands of haystacks. The same scenario plays out across doctor's offices and hospitals countless times across the world every day. A doctor, nurse or other medical practitioner quickly jots down a few notes into an EMR, providing sparse details and little context, and quickly moves on to the next patient. It's up to someone else to decipher the notes later down the road.

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Market Research

Converting open ended responses into valuable market data. A new entrant in the healthy snack foods market needed to know who they're competing against. Market research surveys are a great tool, but they pose a challenge. Multiple choice questions are easy to analyze, but they lack the nuance and authenticity that often comes to the surface from open ended responses. How do you data mine the responses? Repustate's entity extraction helped answer that question.

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Leveraging international market sentiment for trading strategies. An avalanche of market data comes out every minute in the form of Bloomberg updates, Dow Jones newswire, and Barron's on MarketWatch. Even social media plays a part now. How does a hedge fund manager corral all this information into something useful? And what if it's not all in English?

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Our Technology

Repustate uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered semantic technology to accurately model natural language. Leveraging our expertise in machine learning, particularly neural networks and natural language processing.

Repustate's AI technology is able to create language-specific models that can detect sentiment and disambiguate named entities from a variety of sources, including social media, news, surveys and feedback forms.