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What are business intelligence and semantic insights?

Predict future market conditions

Business intelligence is a company's overall knowledge and understanding of the factors, both inside and outside of the organization. This affects the company's ability to drive revenue growth, operational efficiencies, market share and overall profitability. The true foundation of business intelligence is data. Data-driven solutions help drive strategy through the application of true facts and figures, both past and present.

Using a data-driven approach, your business can create solutions and make changes to those areas of the business that will have the greatest impact on achieving corporate objectives.

But data is only part of the story. The true art of data science lies in its ability to use technology to uncover important insights buried deep in internal and external unstructured data. To unearth insights, a company must find the fastest and most accurate way to retrieve important information, wherever it is stored, and then analyze it for patterns and trends that empowers them to better predict future market conditions. Instead of the old fashioned manual approaches, using AI business intelligence automates the process for you.

The easiest way to accomplish this is through AI Business Intelligence where artificial intelligence helps businesses organize and search through their data in a semantic way, to hear the voice of customer and make the best business decisions possible.

How does semantic enterprise search help find business insights?

Look for people, companies, brands, products, locations, with the click of a button.

Semantic Enterprise Search (SES) was developed to overcome one of the biggest challenges in today's era of Big Data: to help businesses and governments quickly and precisely find important business insights buried deep in their data.

Repustate's Semantic Search for enterprises uses machine learning to find all of the entities and topics in a company's text data. This allows its knowledge workers to search documents semantically or based on the context of meaning in which the insights sit.

Using our business intelligence semantic search tool, businesses will have the ability to look for people, companies, brands, products, locations, or anything else they can think of with the click of a button. Using a very intuitive natural language search interface, you can search your content semantically instead of the usual keyword and boolean approach which is time-consuming and may waste valuable resources.

Similar to our multilingual sentiment analysis, our intelligent search understands over 20 different languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. By using Semantic Enterprise Search you literally have all of your organizations' most important business insights right at your fingertips. With Repustate's Text Analytics API you can say goodbye to keywords and say hello to Semantic Enterprise Search.

How can sentiment analysis help you understand your business insights?

Drive business in a multichannel economy

We live in a customer-centric business world. To be truly successful in today's marketplace, companies must know the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of their customers. Using a business intelligence semantics model will help you drive business in a multichannel economy, it is imperative that a business knows its customers' business sentiment, to provide them with the most personalized and enhanced brand experiences possible.

To begin to better comprehend customers, it is essential that a company has sentiment analysis as a part of the core strategy and the right technologies to begin to unearth and analyze insights that lie in text documents where customers express their feelings and opinions about topics such as brand, price, quality, service and support, customer, experience, etc. Whether customers are negative, neutral, or positive about various aspects of your business, knowing what your customers are feeling can help you make the right decisions and changes necessary for true business growth.

Repustate's Text Analytics API empowers companies to perform blazingly fast sentiment analysis, and extract semantic insights from text documents such as news, social posts, surveys, blogs, forums, service tickets, live chat logs, or any other company data.