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What is Business Reputation Management?

Business Reputation Management is not a luxury, but a necessity. It is imperative to understand that a company's overall reputation is a sum of the reputation of its investors, executives, suppliers, employees, organizations it associates with, politicians it supports, and the demography it operates in. These factors are as important as the quality of its service or product, intellectual property, employee-employer relationships, and customer satisfaction. In a world where there is not only more public awareness of customer rights and product expectations, but also social causes like gender and racial equality, and environmental issues, a company has to make certain that its brand perception is impeccable.

That anybody can express their opinion about a business online, is a good thing for maintaining a balanced competition and keeping companies on their toes. But this has also lead to a deluge of online content across platforms through social media posts, comments and user-generated videos, customer polls, online reviews, star ratings, and online new magazines and articles. This is a powerful source of vital information though. To understand this unstructured and random data, which can be in multiple languages, companies need a powerful tool with a core based on aspect based sentiment analysis (ABSA), which captures the tonality of sentiments - positive-negative-neutral- expressed in the terabytes of data that is collected.

Influencer generated content and marketing is instrumental in growing a brand image as well as engaging with existing and new customers. And with the right business reputation management tool, a business can not only proactively manage a PR crisis, but also reach out to industry influencers who can help in elevating brand awareness and perception. In the digital age of information transparency, online business reputation management is an integral part of brand success and it can be accomplished with the right AI-powered solution.

Why are Online Reputation Management and Sentiment Analysis so important?

Customers are constantly expressing their opinions, whether brands realize that or not. Typically, the chosen channels are social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Brands have to monitor what their customers are saying about them because if one post is negative, that sentiment can spread if the brand doesn't have a good contingency plan in place to turn that customer's sentiment from negative to positive.

Also, many brands place a heavy emphasis on their customer experience. Yet, customer experience happens just as profoundly after a customer has logged out of an eCommerce website or has walked out of a brick and mortar store. When a customer expresses a negative sentiment about your brand, that sentiment is shared to all of their followers or anyone who happens to read that negative review.

With the right sentiment analytics and text analytics solution in place, brands can be alerted in real-time to a negative sentiment so that you as the brand can act quickly to resolve the issue before further damage can be done.

Reputation Management and Sentiment Analysis

Repustate's sophisticated Sentiment Analysis solution can empower your brand to quickly and easily identify, extract, and analyze thousands of online reviews, social mentions, and more, in minutes. It can discover, select, extrapolate and analyze text data that mentions your brand and quickly and accurately determine what the consumer sentiments are. This gives you unparalleled insights into what your customers and prospects think about your brand. The solution sifts data at a granular level using named-entity recognition (NER), to give detailed results such as company names, industry type, locations, gender, time, and others, so you don't miss out on any important mention. Repustate currently has a collection of 6 million entities and 300 classifications, and is still growing it.

What Makes Repustate Different?

Repustate is by far the most accurate and fastest in NER on the market. It allows Deep Search to identify millions of entities across all supported languages in just a few milliseconds and make them all searchable. Semantic Search for enterprises ensures you can go through your data using natural language to find exactly what you are looking for,12 times faster. The sentiment analysis solution has innumerable part-of-speech taggers as well, that have been created over a decade, in each of the 23 languages that it supports. This gives Repustate's sentiment analysis tool a higher degree of authority in recognizing unique lexicons, phonology, morphology, and syntaxes. It can also decipher industry-specific jargon, slang, and hashtags so that no matter what people are saying or where in the world they are, you are always aware of what is affecting your business reputation. Furthermore, the solution is also highly customizable, which means it is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Amplify the state of your reputation with Repustate

Repustate builds a comprehensive and actionable consumer profile based on real-time sentiment and opinion mining to help your organization stay ahead of the curve. And with a text analytics dashboard for a quick and easy summary, analysis, and reporting of your customers' and prospect's opinions and feelings, Repustate simplifies the process of monitoring what people are saying, and helps you effectively manage your online reputation.