Turn your customer sentiment from negative to positive

Get access to an easy-to-use insights dashboard, and keep track of what your customers are saying about you in real-time.

What is reputation management?

In the digital age of information transparency, it is not surprising that online business reputation management has become so important and an integral part of brand success. Online reputation management is basically determined by the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about your business, products, or brand by customers. These views or opinions are often shared through a variety of digital channels.

Customers are infinitely judging your business, services, and brand experience using customer surveys, online reviews, social media posts, star ratings, etc. Managing your business’ online reputation consists of being able to discover, extract, and analyze text data that mentions your brand and then being able to quickly and accurately determine what the consumer sentiments are. With the right business reputation management tool, a business can determine if consumers feel positive, negative, or neutral towards an organization. This helps businesses adjust their future strategy and move forward with confidence.

Strategically, a business would want to be able to proactively address and resolve any negative feelings people have in order to improve their reputation. Or, an organization may want to recognize and engage those customers that feel positively towards the brand. Using a good online reputation management tool, customers who are loyal to a company or brand can become brand advocates.

Why are Online Reputation Management and Sentiment Analysis so important?

Customers are constantly expressing their opinions, whether brands realize that or not. Typically, the chosen channels are social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Brands have to monitor what their customers are saying about them because if one post is negative, that sentiment can spread if the brand doesn’t have a good contingency plan in place to turn that customer’s sentiment from negative to positive.

Also, many brands place a heavy emphasis on their customer experience. Yet, customer experience happens just as profoundly after a customer has logged out of an eCommerce website or has walked out of a brick and mortar store. When a customer expresses a negative sentiment about your brand, that sentiment is shared to all of their followers or anyone who happens to read that negative review.

With the right sentiment analytics and text analytics solution in place, brands can be alerted in real-time to a negative sentiment so that you as the brand can act quickly to resolve the issue before further damage can be done.

Reputation Management and Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis tools can empower your brand to quickly and easily identify, extract, and analyze thousands upon thousands of online reviews, social mentions, and more. Sentiment Analysis gives your brand unparalleled insights into what your customers and prospects think about your brand. With Sentiment Analysis being used as an integral tool for Reputation Management, you can go beyond the simple text and deeper into your customer’s minds.

What Makes Repustate Different?

Created to understand what your customers are saying on social media, Repustate understands over 20 languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. We can also decipher industry-specific jargon, slang, and hashtags so that no matter what your customers are trying to say or where in the world they are, we can apply our NLP sentiment analysis to decipher what they are trying to say.

Corporate reputation management just got a whole lot easier. With Repustate, have access to an easy-to-use dashboard and keep track of what your customers and prospects are saying about you in real-time. With Repustae, we apply semantic analysis to highlight specific keywords that will help your organization reach it’s online reputation goals.

Repustate: Not your ordinary online reputation management tool

Repustate uses a variety of Natural Language Processing tools to identify opinions in text, extract them, and then visualize them through a Sentiment Analysis Dashboard for the quick and easy summary, analysis, and reporting of your customers’ and prospect’s opinions and feelings. Repustate simplifies the process of monitoring your online reputation by understanding what your customers are trying to say. Repustate builds a comprehensive and actionable consumer profile based on real-time sentiment and opinion mining to help your organization stay ahead of their online reputation.

Some of these techniques include sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, semantic Search, and analyze the aspect based sentiment.