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What is Voice of the Customer?

Voice of the customer, or VoC is the practice of analyzing customer feedback to improve your product, solution, or service. VoC is typically gauged by utilizing customer survey tools and feedback systems. Most companies understand the importance of customer feedback analysis and how it can supercharge your customer experience efforts, but a lot of organizations are relying on archaic methods to extract the data they need to better understand what their customers are trying to say.

By measuring customer satisfaction with Voice of the Customer methods, organizations can gain valuable insights into where in their organization they are doing a good job and where they might need some work. Consumer insighting doesn't have to be over-complicated; with Repustate, use a 21st-century solution to get the best results. Get into the minds of your customers and read between the survey lines.

Why is Voice of the Customer analysis important?

With customers changing their minds about a product or service faster than you can blink and trends shifting just as rapidly, VoC is the most valuable consumer insighting tool in your company's arsenal. With a good Voice of the Customer tool, you can:

  • Get into the mind of your customer
  • Discover new trends
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Win back dissatisfied customers
  • Know where you can improve your business

With a good voice of the customer analysis solution, companies can redirect their valuable resources onto the things that matter most to their customers. Ideas that will make the most significant impact and increase revenue instead of losing money. There is no better way to know what your customers are thinking than to employ methods that don't just collect the feedback but are instrumental in analyzing it. Repustate's VoC tool can extract insights from all types of media. We can analyze the text in any social media feed or feedback forms, audio from customer center calls, and even do video content analysis on any YouTube or TikTok video.

Measure Customer Satisfaction and improve your CSAT scores

One of the biggest indicators of a company's success boils down to how well they measure CSAT or customer satisfaction. Using a Voice of the Customer tool that goes beyond simple survey tools, you'll have access to unprecedented insights into what your customers are really thinking.

Repustate's NLP based Voice of the Customer API carries you beyond simple survey answers and reflects on the factors that affect Net Promoter Score. Whether it was their customer service experience, product usage, shipping, or cost, you'll know exactly what part of your business is having the biggest impact on your CSAT scores.

Stay ahead of the competition with VoC analysis

As the world evolves, so do trends. Ever wonder how your competitor has consistently stayed ahead of the curb? They are probably utilizing a VoC tool. Customers tell companies what they want, whether it's through reviews, surveys, or social media platforms, the sentiment is out there and it's up to you to gather it and analyze it.

Your competitors are likely using consumer insighting tools to help them stay ahead of you, but none of these is more valuable than a customer feedback solution that not only gathers your customer insights but also takes that feedback and analyzes it by using sentiment analysis. With this, you can gather what your customers want from you and stay ahead of the curve with the next big trend.

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How can Sentiment Analysis help Voice of the Customer analytics?

The power of a great customer feedback solution is well known in many industries. Coupling the benefits of a Voice of the Customer tool with Sentiment Analysis and you've got a customer experience powerhouse on your hands.

Sentiment Analysis is the practice of using NLP or Natural Language Processing to identify customer sentiments. By combining AI, sentiment analysis, and biometrics, companies can read between the lines of what their customers are trying to say about their brand and analyze the aspect based sentiment behind it. When you integrate sentiment analysis with VoC, you are gathering the emotional feedback of your customers.

Voice of the Customer Analysis - Positive, Neutral, or Negative?

Where Voice of the Customer surveys collects feedback from customers based on their answers to survey questions, sentiment analysis goes a step further. For example by gathering feedback from social media, you can understand what your customers aren't saying in the surveys and identify where improvements are needed by gauging whether their experiences have been positive, neutral, or negative.

Sentiment Analysis Meets Voice of the Customer

Repustate takes sentiment analysis and Voice of the Customer to the next level. Our approach to sentiment analytics is comprehensive and flexible enough to meet your needs in a variety of industries for a diversity of use cases.

Because customers use so many different channels to communicate their brand sentiments, Repustate makes it possible to analyze the different means of communication. Whether it's slang, hashtags, or industry-speak, Repustate allows you to create your own sentiment rules that are specific to your industry and use case.

Multilingual sentiment analysis is hard but Repustate has developed multiple techniques that, when used together, deliver a fast and accurate analytics engine.

Audio or video feedback? No problem

With our Audio-Visual content retrieval and tagging technology, our VoC API can even analyse patient voice notes and much more. Along with this many organizations record customer service calls in order to play them back and analyze audio content in them or use them for training purposes. What if you could take those calls and analyze what your customers are feeling when they speak with your team?

Or maybe you want to run a sentiment analysis on a YouTube video to extract the sentiment for the keywords relevant to your company. With Repustate, you can take any method of communication and apply the same Voice of the Customer methodologies to get to the root of what your customers are trying to say.

Give your customers a voice

Get fast, reliable, and accurate results every time, no matter what language your customer speaks. Our multilingual sentiment analysis understands and can effectively process information in over 23 different languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.