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AI-powered Text Analytics API to better understand your customers

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What is text analytics?

Text analytics is the automated process of extracting relevant insights from unstructured text data, uncovering important information quickly and accurately. We empower companies to be more confident and data-driven in their strategic decision making, helping them provide the best customer experiences possible.

Do you want to understand your customers on a deeper level?

Gain insight into the sentiment behind short forms and slang?

Decipher the true meaning behind hashtags when your customers use them?

With Repustate's text analytics, you can do all that and more. You can leverage the in depth voice of the customer analytics that you get from our text mining software for a thorough understanding of your customers. This includes what they are saying about you as well in their reference to your competitors. What’s more, you can also reach out to your customers regardless of their geography and language preference.

text analytics

How does text analysis work?

Repustate's Text Analytics API is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that applies machine learning to find insights and relationships within your textual data. Our three-step process is simple:

  1. Data Gathering:

    Gather and prepare the data you aim to analyze whether it’s an internal or external data set. To prepare the data for text analysis, all that is needed is for you to put it into a CSV or XLS document format.

  2. Applying Text Analysis API:

    Run your input data through our Text Analytics API, and it quickly returns sentiment scores for each relevant topic, aspect, or entity ranging from: -1 for negative emotions, 0 for neutral feelings, and 1 for positive sentiment.

  3. Using Insights Visualization Dashboard:

    Once our Text Analytics API returns sentiment scorings, they are quickly turned into visual reports consisting of charts, graphs, and tables that make it easy for you to discover trends, patterns, and actionable insights in your data.

Learning to use sentiment analytics is easy! With over 3,000 organizations currently using Repustate’s Text Analysis solution, you’ll be in good company.

What are the benefits of using text mining software?

A text analysis software can be used to gain the insights in the news, social media reviews, tweets, online surveys and voice to text notes accurately for topics that matter most to the business. These are four basic reasons why businesses should use text analysis:

  1. To improve workflows and efficiency
  2. Unlock hidden information across data
  3. Eliminate tedious, manual tasks
  4. Give knowledge workers their time back to focus on more pressing tasks

Your customers share a lot about their likes and dislikes and how they feel about products and services through social networks. Combing through the posts and keywords manually takes a long time, with text analytics, also called text mining, you can discover your customer sentiment no matter what their preferred channel to voice their opinions is.

Whether it’s through social media posts, emails, customer service tickets, research surveys, news articles, or business documents, text mining gives you unparalleled insight into what your customers are really thinking.

Repustate’s Text Analysis software was purposely built for social media listening and understands short form and slang, emoticons and emojis, and hashtags. No matter where your customers choose to speak, you can understand the meaning behind their words.

Repustate's Text Analytics

Repustate’s Text Analytics API is the world's fastest text analytics engine on the market. Using Repustate, you can quickly understand and analyze your customer’s sentiment without manually deciphering it yourself.

We know that not all text is the same; every industry has its own language. With Repustate's text analysis, you can create custom sentiment rules no matter what industry you are in. Repustate’s text analytics API uses Natural language processing and machine learning models that allow us to create custom sentiment rules according to your industry and needs.

With text analysis, you can get aspect based sentiment for more actionable insights. We use a combination of semantic search and entity extraction to drill down to the root of the review and isolate the sentiment for each topic that occurs. No form of social media or slang is too complicated for Repustate's text analytics API.

How Do You Select The Best Text Analytics API?

Choosing the right solution for conducting text analytics depends on whether you are a local business or international. The solution needs to be completely aligned with your industry and must keep up in speed and scalability. Here are the most important features that the best text analytics solution must have.

  • Accuracy

    The engine should provide accurate results even as you scale.

  • Feature & aspect classification

    So that the tool can unearth insights from any data source and format - web, audio, or video.

  • Language Detection & Analysis

    So you get correct insights in the native language without translations.

  • Knowledge Graph

    The bigger the knowledge graph, the better the semantic context mapping.

  • Speed

    So that the engine can process big data in whichever form it is - emails, webinars, product documentation, patient voice notes, VoE data, etc.

  • Customer Dashboard

    So that insights can be viewed in real-time as well as shared among departments and teammates.

  • Ease of use

    So that you don’t need additional staff training to perform analytics tasks.

  • Ease of Installation

    So the engine can seamlessly fit into your current platform without interfering with workflow.

Get a more detailed understanding of these features.

What Are The Applications of Text Analytics?

Text analytics is important in many industries like healthcare, finance, insurance, etc. From detecting policy violations to predictive analysis through data pattern recognition, text mining is a key business intelligence tool. Here is a list of real-world text mining applications.

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

    Healthcare providers can get key insights for improved patient experience.

  • Client Nurturing

    You can get a better understanding of what your clients expect.

  • Reputation Management

    Companies can take proactive measures to maintain brand positioning and gain insights from VoC data.

  • Cyberbullying & Threat Detection

    You can ensure that community standards are followed in social media comments, videos, and tweets.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Text analytics allows the engine to identify spam and keyword manipulation for ranking.

  • Social Media Listening

    Brands can have direct engagement with customers, leading to more personalized interactions.

  • Data Patterns

    Scientists can find patterns in historical and current data to predict trends in weather forecasting, stock markets, or clinical trials.

  • Returns & Warranty

    Retailers and dealer service professionals across locations use text analytics for returns and warranty processing.

  • Surveys & Reviews

    You can understand complex data in open-ended responses in surveys through text analytics.

  • Voice of the employee & Recruitment

    Companies can find the right candidate, and reduce employee attrition through social media listening and voice of the employee (VoE) data analysis.

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Multilingual Text Analysis:
Your CX Prayers Answered

With over 23 languages available, Repustate's text mining API can accurately perform sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and topic detection no matter where your customers are writing from. Gain insight into what your customers are actually thinking, even if you don’t speak the same language!

Multilingual Text Analysis:
Your CX Prayers Answered

With over 23 languages available, Repustate's text mining API can accurately perform sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and topic detection no matter where your customers are writing from. Gain insight into what your customers are actually thinking, even if you don’t speak the same language!