Text analytics built for social media

Using both sentiment and semantic analysis, Repustate can handle any social media including:

Shortforms and slang

Spent the whole day just playing video games LOL

Emoticons and emoji

Got the new iPhone for my birthday! ♥♥♥♥

Automatic hashtag expansion

Oh come on referee that was a terrible call #theseguysarecheaters

We stayed at the hotel last Christmas and I loved it! The rooms were clean and the food was great but if I had one complaint, it would be the that the hotel was very expensive and the staff were a bit rude.

Topic level sentiment for more accurate results

Repustate can drill down and isolate sentiment for each topic that occurs with a block of text. Don't let the nuances of natural language go unnoticed; Repustate captures differing opinions expressed all at once.

Create custom sentiment rules

Not all text is the same, some industries have lingo and jargon that might mean something else in another context. Repustate’s API allows you to create custom sentiment rules specific to your needs.

Very excited to be going to the Yankees game tonight! Heard on Twitter that President Barack Obama himself will be throwing out the first pitch! What a perfect birthday present!

Entity extraction using semantic analysis

Repustate will automatically detect any notable people, places, business, brands as well as automatically detecting what the subject matter. No training data required.

More on semantic analysis
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