Video analysis and search partnership in business consultation

Repustate & David Allen Company partner on Semantic Search for Video project Repustate Inc., Canada’s premier AI-powered semantic software company, and the David Allen Company, the world-renowned productivity training firm, have announced a partnership. The goal of the collaboration is to make the company’s video content more easily searchable and discoverable by executives, managers and consumers interested in improving their personal productivity and that of their teams. Read more →

Arabic sentiment analysis partnership in healthcare

Nahdi Medical Company (KSA) and Repustate announce Arabic Sentiment Analysis Partnership for Customers & Employees TORONTO, CANADA - October 28, 2020 - Repustate, Canada’s premiere AI-driven text analytics technology company, has entered into a partnership with Nahdi Medical Company of Saudi Arabia. The partnership will see Nahdi Medical using Repustate’s world leading Arabic Sentiment Analysis API to extract customer and employee insights from social media, surveys and clinical notes, and then processing them into actionable insights for positive operational change. Read more →