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Competitive insights have never been easier with our text analytics and sentiment analysis. See how you measure up to the competition, and what improvements are needed to get ahead.

What is social media listening?

In the digital age, social media is one of the most popular channels where consumers express their opinions, emotions, and sentiments about their favorite brands. No matter how many surveys your customers complete, no other channel will provide deeper insights into what your customers want out of a brand like social media.

People voice everything about their lives online. From tutorials to product reviews, and recommendations, your customers are saying what they think about you through the most accessible channels that have ever existed. Whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, millions of conversations about brands happen every day.

Social media listening helps brands keep an eye on their social platforms by flagging keywords like competitors and topics. The data is then collected for analysis to gauge customer reactions. Whether the reaction is to a new product, an existing product, customer service, shipping, etc. You can get to the core of your customer feedback in a more effective way.

For these social mentions, discussions, and reviews to be useful to companies, it is essential that they have the strategy and technology in place to gather data based on what their customers are saying. Being able to identify and extract relevant points, in order to analyze them for content sentiment will give brands the upper hand, not only when it comes to providing a better customer experience, but also when it comes to gaining that leg up on their competition.

With social media listening, brands can better serve their customers by reacting to negative or positive remarks in a timely fashion. This valuable tool will also help companies make adjustments to their offerings to satisfy current clients and attract new ones.

What is the difference between social media listening and social media monitoring?

Social monitoring is more about social conversation responsiveness and engagement, while social listening is about identifying and responding to individual brand mentions on social media. Social listening, on the other hand, collects data from those social mentions and broader customer conversations and pulls insights from them so that you can make better decisions for your customers. The human factor of written communication and conversations between people is what separates social media listening from social monitoring. Social media monitoring encompasses customer engagement and values taking action on the things people say about your company. Social listening is metrics-driven and functional. Though both are integral parts of the voice of customer strategy.

What to look for in a social monitoring tool.

Regardless of the social media monitoring tool you choose, you should look for the following functionalities when assessing which is best for you.

Measure performance and track conversations from one dashboard

Not all social listening tools are made equal. With the right social media listening tool, you should have access to all of your insights in one easy place. Track conversations and measure performance easily.

Monitor multiple channel accounts

Instead of toggling between several different platforms, Repustate makes it easy to monitor hashtags, keywords, URL's and usernames in one easy place. Because of our interactive sentiment analysis dashboard, see your data with the click of a button.

Real-time and historical data access

Your customers voice their opinions online at the speed of light. This means that whatever tool you use needs to have real-time data capabilities. If a keyword or hashtag is flagged, having instant access to it will allow you to service that need just as fast as your customer expressed it.

Measures sentiment

A social media listening tool that bundles both the listening and the analytics is a home run for your business. Save the extra cash it would take to purchase two separate platforms and find one that mashes the two together. Get Facebook sentiment analysis, Instagram sentiment analysis, and Twitter sentiment analysis so that no matter where your customers are posting or speaking, you can see if the perception is negative, neutral, or positive.

Public sentiment versus your competitors

Competitive insights have never been more available than they are now. Take it one step further with text analytics and sentiment analysis. Using these two innovative technologies, you can see how you measure up to the competition and where improvements are needed to get ahead.

Repustate: Social Media Sentiment Analytics

Easy, accessible insights

Built for social media listening and sentiment analysis, Repustate takes customer feedback management to the next level. With the number of posts, comments, tutorials, and reviews being generated every day, it's important to have the right text analytics tools at your disposal.

Repustate's approach to text analytics is comprehensive, battle-tested and flexible enough to meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries for a variety of use cases. We understand language nuances like slang, industry-specific jargon, hashtags, and turn of phrase to give you the best data possible for your organization.

To top everything off, our platform understands 24 different languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. This means that no matter where your customers are, or what language they speak, we can create comprehensive and actionable data for you to base future strategies on with confidence.