Use named entity recognition to deliver more precise results

Highly targeted advertising

Show your site vistors more relevant ads. Improve click through rates and increase revenue by showing ads based on the actual semantic interests people have, rather than relying on simple strategies like keyword matching.

Automated chat bots and assistants

Provide more relevant suggestions and answer your customers' questions. Determine if your customers are looking for dinner ideas or asking a question about movie show times. Add some automation to your customer service experience.

Better recommendations

Deliver even more personalized content recommendations by leveraging semantic analysis. Determine which topics and themes are of most interest to your audience and increase your site's engagement.

Competitive Intelligence

Conduct research on competing brands or industries by using semantic analysis to automatically discover any relevant mention in your dataset. Instead of relying on keywords, let Repustate automatically inform you which competing brands are being mentioned, how they're being mentioned, and how it can affect your business.

Say goodbye to keyword lists

Repustate's semantic analysis is built on top of a massive ontology of pre-categorized entities. Repustate knows about every person, place, business, brand or topic that is important to your business. Whether you're interested in politicians and athletes or auto manufacturers and tourist attractions, you name it, Repustate knows it.

No need for translators anymore

No matter which language your data is in, Repustate will still find all the topics and entities important to your business. Identify brand mentions in their localized name without having to pay a translator - Repustate does it all automatically for you.

Add Deep Search to your data

Repustate's Deep Search takes your business intelligence to an entirely new level. Search your data using hundreds of metadata properties and in any language, all automatically extracted and indexed by Repustate. And it's blazingly fast, too.

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