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Find key themes and trending topics using Repustate's Named Entity Recognition

Easily identify over 7 million people, brands, businesses, products and locations.

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What is Named Entity Recognition?

Named Entity Recognition, or NER, is an advanced technique that uses machine learning to identify named entities in text data and classifies them into one or more predetermined categories. NER can be used to classify company names, locations, names of people, and more.

Combining NER with NLP (or Natural Language Processing) and AI, Repustate takes your customer's words and translates them into semantic insights and sentiments that you can act on. With Repustate, Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis just got a whole lot easier.

Process of named entity recognition

Why is Named Entity Recognition Important?

Named Entity Recognition (NER) is a very valuable yet under-used tool for all businesses as it helps unlock countless opportunities by delivering more precise brand insights. Highly targeted and easy to use, NER can help personalize your customers' experience by identifying people, places, or things that interest your customer the most.

Every customer is their own person, which means that they are interested in different and specific things. With natural language processing based named entity recognition API, you can put a magnifying glass on the topics that interest your customers the most and cater to their experience based on those points.

Content recommendation and delivering personalized content becomes much easier with Named Entity Recognition. By accurately profiling the content that resonates with your customers down to the most granular level, you'll be able to surface new content suggestions that will delight your customers and increase their engagement.

How is Named Entity Recognition used with Semantic Search?

Named Entity Recognition can go to the next level by marrying it with Semantic Search. By integrating them together, you can gauge the contextual meaning behind the words your customers use. This gives you insight into the intent of your customer and identifies the key themes, topics, and ideas that your customers are talking about on social media, surveys, and any other text that's important to your organization.

By studying the relationship between words and what they mean, you can adjust your strategies to fit the wants and needs of your customers.

Repustate's Named entity recognition and extraction API automatically identifies the key themes, topics, and ideas that make your customers tick, especially when it comes to your organization and deliver more personalized customer experiences and content recommendations. Our semantic search is built on top of a massive ontology of pre-categorized entities.

Named entity extraction

By using Entity Extraction and Semantic Search, you can take the guesswork out of keywords! Using NER, relevant and effective keywords are instantly revealed, helping you adjust your ads and marketing accordingly. Repustate will identify every person, place, business, brand, and topic that is important to your business. Whether your customers are interested in politicians, athletes, or auto manufacturers, Repustate grasps it.

Using Repustate's Named Entity Recognition and extraction tool, you can say goodbye to the translator. Built to understand over 23 languages, our Named Entity Extraction API can understand your data, no matter what language it's written in. We will find the topics and entities that are important to your business and identify brand mentions in their localized language, automatically and without the fuss.

Personalize your customer service experience with Keyword Extraction

Give your customers the best service experience by providing more relevant suggestions. Answer their questions with precision and determine the voice of customer to serve what your customers are looking for, whether it's about dinner ideas or asking questions about movie showtimes: Add some spice to your automated customer service experience with Named Entity Recognition and semantic search.

Highly targeted ads with NER

With Repustate, show your site visitors the ads they want to see, saving you on the ad-spend and marketing budget. With the best Named Entity Recognition API, you can:

  • Improve click-through rates
  • Show ads based on the actual Semantic interests people have
  • No longer rely on simple strategies like keyword matching
  • Increase in Revenue

Better recommendations, better results

Increase your site's engagement by delivering even more personalized content recommendations. Leverage Semantic Analysis and quickly determine which topics and themes are the most interesting and relevant for your audience.

Customers react best when their experiences are personalized according to their wants and interests. With Repustate's NLP Named Entity Extraction and Sentiment Analysis, you can deliver the best recommendations for your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Competitive insights with Entity Recognition

Using semantic search, you can conduct research on competing brands or industries. Don't rely on keywords alone; let Repustate's NER API do the heavy lifting and we'll tell you which competing brands are being mentioned, how they are being mentioned, and how it can affect your business.

Stay in the know, make better decisions, and improve your customer experience with NLP Named Entity Recognition your competitors won't know what hit them.