See the deep insights in your data.

Make your sentiment data come to life, and turn numbers into actionable insights with our proprietary data visualization tool

What is a Sentiment Analysis Dashboard?

Easily review outputs, quickly discover patterns and trends with a visualization dashboard that brings your sentiment data analysis to life. All impactful data analysis requires visualization so outputs can be easily discovered, measured, and acted upon.

Data visualization gives you the ability to track and simplify complex data sets. By using charts, graphs, and tables, your business can gain quick insight into current performance and future trends helping you predict what your customers will want when they want it, and grasp emotional motivations that will assist in making better business decisions

Make sentiment analysis insights actionable with a secure business dashboard that gives you unparalleled insights into your data for strategic decision making.

sentiment analysis visualisation dashboard

Why use a Sentiment Analysis Visualization Platform?

Sentiment analysis data is no different from other forms of business insights and intelligence. To make a real impact on your business, your sentiment analysis strategy requires distinctive visualization strategies for your metrics to be properly tracked and measured.

Using graphical representation, our analytics visualization and reporting tool can reveal all of your customer sentiment analysis data and insights in one easy to access environment. Using visual elements like charts, graphs, and tables, the dashboard provides an easily accessible reporting feature so that you can instantly see and understand trends and patterns within your emotion-based data sets.

What type of insights can be seen in a sentiment analysis visualization tool?

With our secure Sentiment Analysis Dashboard, you can see and drill down into your data using various chart types and tables that track:

  • General sentiment overview
  • Aspect based sentiment breakdown
  • Aspect occurrence frequency rates
  • Named Entities, classifications, and entity frequency
  • Toggle between aspect sentiment and text chunks
  • Changes in sentiment over time
  • Changes in aspect sentiment over time
  • Sentiment overview by data source
  • Sentiment overview by country, state, or region
  • Sentiment overview on different social media channels

Visualizing sentiment analysis doesn't have to be complicated

With Repustate's Sentiment Analytics Dashboard, you can gather and analyze all of your text analytics data in one easy to access environment. Gone are the days of manual analytics and over-complicated reporting methods. Our custom dashboard serves as one single platform for all kinds of data insights. From Semantic search to text-based sentiment analysis and even video content analysis for the sentiment. Get in your customers' minds with a tool that can not only read between the lines but gather all of your insights in one place, saving you time and money.

You don't have to be a data engineer to understand what your customers are trying to tell you. With our easy-to-use sentiment analytics dashboard, your team can make informed business decisions and forge a new wave of customer analytics without the complications.

Our secure Sentiment Analysis Dashboard scales as you grow, and is able to handle the load of billions of API calls per day. Privacy and security are our top priorities; never worry that the data gathered is being shared with 3rd parties and is never stored on Repustate's servers.

With Repustate, your data stays with you.

We grow with your business

Businesses change as they grow and evolve. Repustate’s customer sentiment dashboard is fully customizable according to your business needs. We cater to your individual company requirements and your customer's needs. See what works for you in your dashboard, and customize it according to your needs at any given time.

Customer Experience is our top priority. Our client success team is always there for you when you need them. This means no more long hold times or waiting for support tickets to be resolved. Have access to your engineer when you need them.

Text Analysis is what your business needs to take your customer experience to the next level. Grow your business with a scalable and efficient dashboard tailored to your business needs.

Easily access statistics and reporting through our private and secure client portal where you can provide updates and reports to managers and leadership without the hassle.

An interactive customer sentiment dashboard helps you get to the core of what your customers really want from your business. With Repustate, understanding the voice of customer is no longer an impossible task.