Unlock the meaning in your data.

Our AI-driven topic based sentiment API determines the sentiment only for the topics you’re interested in and removes all the other noise, leading to greater accuracy.

What is topic based sentiment analysis?

Topic based sentiment is the application of sentiment analysis on a list of specific topics that are known ahead of time.

By restricting the scope of sentiment analysis to only specific topics, higher levels of precision, accuracy and insight can be achieved. Real-world text isn’t always clean cut and straight-forward; often multiple topics are mentioned in one document with a mix of sentiment. Applying document-level sentiment in such a situation can lead to a loss of nuance and missed insight. Use topic based sentiment analysis when it is known ahead of time which topics sentiment is required for.

How does topic based sentiment analysis work?

Repustate’s topic based sentiment isolates the sentiment for each topic and ensures that no nuance is lost. For each specific topic found in the text, Repustate calculates the sentiment and returns the numerical sentiment score. When done across a large dataset, insights quickly surface and sentiments are unlocked for each topic of interest. Topic based sentiment analysis is the ideal way to analyze sentiment when desired topics are known ahead of time.


Some of the most impactful ways you can apply topic based sentiment analysis are:


The industries that have benefited from Repustate’s topic based sentiment analysis: