Not all languages are the same

Grammar rules vary from one language to another. The rules of verb conjugation, noun-verb agreement and negations vary from one language to another.

Japanese is a unique language and it differs from English in a number of ways. To use the same techniques and language models that work for English sentiment analysis when conducting Japanese sentiment analysis would yield terribly inaccurate results.

That's why Repustate developed Japanese-specific tools to help in Japanese sentiment analysis, including a Japanese part of speech tagger, a Japanese lemmatizer, and of course, Japanese-specific sentiment models.

Japanese part of speech tagging

Japanese part of speech tagging allows Repustate to narrow in on where sentiment may lie within a block of text. Verbs, nouns and adjectives, provide the cues necessary to determine sentiment.

In order to create a fast and accurate Japanese part of speech tagger, you have to have a massive corpus of manually tagged Japanese text. This Japanese text can then be fed into a machine learning algorithm to create a Japanese part of speech tagger.

The larger the corpus, and more importantly, the more varied the corpus, the better the results in creating the Japanese part of speech tagger. Repustate has created a massive corpus of Japanese text grabbing data from a variety of sources to ensure good coverage.

Japanese language sentiment models

Repustate has developed sentiment language models specific to Japanese to capture the various phrases, idioms and expressions that help define sentiment when writing in Japanese. Understanding the various grammatical aspects of the Japanese language that make it unique and very different from English is what allows Repustate's Japanese sentiment analysis to be as fast and as accurate as it is.




そのため、Repustateは日本語のセンチメント分析に役立つ日本語固有のツールを開発しました。このツールは、日本語の品詞タグ付けプログラム、日本語の基本形 (レンマ) 作成機能を含み、日本語固有のセンチメントモデルも当然含んでいます。




言語資料が多いほど、そしてさらに重要なのは、その言語資料の種類が豊富であるほど、より優れた日本語の品詞タグ付けプログラムを作成できます。Repustate は、広い範囲をカバーするために、様々なソースからデータを収集し、日本語のテキストの大規模な言語資料を作成しました。


Repustate は、様々なフレーズ、イディオム、表現を捉え、日本語によって記述されているセンチメントを定義するのに役立つ、日本語固有の言語センチメントモデルを開発しました。英語と非常に異なっている日本語独特の様々な文法的な側面を理解することにより、Repustateは日本語によるセンチメント分析を高速かつ正確にしました。

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