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Audio analysis that extracts sentiment and semantic insights from any audio content

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What is Semantic Search for audio content?

Repustate's audio content analysis tool makes your audio files easily searchable by semantically indexing the content of your data. Users can search your entire audio catalog for the exact content they want without any manual tagging on your end.

Semantic Search for audio provides customer service teams, marketing departments, and heads of sales the power to search for audios by specific topics, themes, and entities. These entities include celebrities, politicians, locations, and more. Semantic Search automatically annotates your data with semantic analysis information without any additional training requirements. Just plug it in and get to work!

With Semantic Search, find anything you need at the click of a button. Say goodbye to hours spent listening to audio files and have access to what you need at your fingertips.

audio content analysis tool

How does Semantic Search for audio content work?

Repustate extracts semantic insights from your audio content using a multi-phase approach:

  1. Convert audio to text through the use of speech-to-text models. These models are unique to each language and are built using neural networks. This yields a transcript of the speech along with the timestamps for each word

  2. Index the text into Semantic Search for audio section by section

    Audio can be broken up into smaller sections based on longer pauses or changes in the speaker. By analyzing it section by section, we get enough context to disambiguate entities, but not too much content as to lose the ability to associate entities with granular enough timestamps.

  3. We now have timestamps of audio associated with entities, themes, and topics found in the text, along with the associated metadata. Performing a search on Deep Search will now yield all matching sections, which in turn refer to snippets in the source audio.

Audio content analysis highlights the entities found at each timestamp, allowing the user to scrub to the exact point they want for the precise content they want.

Like all of Repustate's products, Semantic Search for audio is supported in over 20 languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

The Audio Content Sentiment Challenge.

Your customers are unique; they all have different emotions that are on display whether in writing or verbally. Oftentimes, people don't say exactly what they mean, and dissecting the true sentiment behind their words can be difficult. Audio sentiment analytics helps companies listen between the lines to get to the root of what their customers actually mean, helping you deliver the best customer experience possible.

What type of companies and industries benefit from Semantic Search for audio?

Semantic Search for audio can be used by any company or individual who has a audio library and requires a faster, more precise way of discovering the data they are looking for by topic, theme, or entity. Sentiment analysis for audio is the new wave in customer experience technology.

Semantic Search for audio is the perfect solution for:

  • Television Broadcasters
  • Radio Broadcasters
  • Editing Suite Platforms
  • Online Footage Libraries
  • Podcasters
  • Marketing Companies
  • Web-Based Educators
  • Research Companies

What can audio Semantic Search do for you?

Using semantic search with Audio analysis, you can figure out what your customers are most interested in, what words make them tick simply by semantically analyzing a customer service call. Using the right audio content analytics tool you can semantically search your audio files and compartmentalize them according to predetermined keywords and phrases.

The biggest challenge for quality Audio content analysis tools lies in their innate ability to not only search and organize, but also access assets in a semantically relevant way. Rather than having your team manually listen to a full audio file and guess at relevant keywords and the emotion behind the voice, Repustate's semantic Search for audio offers a dimensional search and browsing interface for operating in audio collections. This makes it easier than ever before to unlock the potential of your audio library, no matter how complicated the search seems. There are hundreds of Audio analysis tools out there, but nothing compares to what Repustate can do for you and your business.

Speech-to-text sentiment analysis

A valuable tool for every business, Repustate takes audio content analysis to the next level by converting the voice data of calls and transforming it to text using speech-to-text software. This text is then sent to Repustate for Sentiment Analysis and Semantic Meaning. According to your predetermined keywords, products, or services, Repustate will create an overall sentiment score for each customer.

With Repustate, the Voice of the Customer takes on a whole new meaning.

Query your customer database to determine if any of your customers have experienced a negative sentiment below a certain threshold. With audio content analytics, you can know the voice of customer and deliver better experiences on every channel.