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Repustate IQ Video Guides

Creating your first project

Get started with Repustate IQ by creating your first project

Uploading data for sentiment analysis

Watch how easily you can upload your own spreadsheets into Repustate IQ for quick sentiment analysis

Social Media Listening

Repustate IQ has social media listening capabilities built right into it. This video shows you how to fetch social media content and have it analyzed by Repustate IQ

Creating custom sentiment rules

Sometimes it's necessary to create your own custom sentiment rules for your own specific business needs. This video shows you how to quickly and easily this can be done using Repustate IQ

Creating custom aspect models

Create an aspect model specifically for your industry using Repustate IQ. Create and manage your own rules to model data as you see fit.

Creating custom entities

Repustate IQ has support for over 7 million entities, but sometimes you need to add your own. This video shows you how to customize Repustate IQ's named entity recognition to suit your needs

Multilingual Semantic Search

Repustate IQ has built-in support for multilingual and cross-lingual search. This video shows you how to store documents in one language and retrieve them using another

Emotion+Aspect Co-occurrence

Emotion detection is critical to accurate sentiment analysis. This video walks you through how Repustate IQ identifies emotion in conjunction with aspect-based sentiment analysis

Creating metadata filters for sentiment analysis

One of the core capabilities any data analysis platform should have is the ability to filter and vide data by multiple criteria. Repustate IQ allows you to augment your text with metadata and then filter by those metadata values

Setting up alerts

Be the first to know when something negative is said about a key part of your service or offering. This video shows you how to setup alerts and notifications

Exporting your data from Repustate IQ

This video show you how qasily and quickly you can export your data to CSV for further analysis

Importing survey responses from Excel

Learn how to import your survey responses into Repustate IQ