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Get the insights you need to create a world-class patient experience

Repustate helps you listen to and analyze patient feedback across all channels so you can make better decisions to drive better health outcomes.

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Give your patients a voice

Get the insights you need to deliver better health care services, increase patient satisfaction and achieve better health outcomes.

Patient Experience

Repustate identifies which aspects of your health care service can be improved by using sentiment analysis to classifying patient feedback into one of many categories including:

quality of care



service & delays

medical staff




Multilingual analysis

We speak the same languages as your patients, so you can process patient feedback in over 20 languages.

Customizable to your needs

Easily create sentiment analysis rules and categorizations that are specific to your clinical setting.

Competitive advantage

Give your health care professionals the data they need to improve your patient experience.

Turn Patient Feedback Into Action

Your patients each have individual needs that are unique and complex – and it's easier than ever for your patients to leave you in favor of your competition if things aren't up to standard.

Repustate let's you collect valuable patient experience sentiment data from reviews, surveys, and social media comments – so you can increase patient satisfaction.

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Healthcare specific ontologies

Repustate automatically identifies and reports on the names of medications, medical procedures, illnesses and diseases. Create a full picture of your patients' health care journey in precise detail.

Safe & Secure

Our data center is HIPAA compliant and keeps you and your patients' data safe & secure. Alternatively, run Repustate locally within your own data centers for the ultimate in data privacy.

Collect Richer Data With Multilingual, Multichannel Sentiment Analysis

Repustate's fast, accurate analytics let you take your patient experience sentiment analysis to the next level – no matter which health care service you're providing, or which languages your employees speak.

Dig deep into your patient satisfaction levels across text, video, audio, and online media platforms to give you clarity about what's working, and what needs improving in your organization.

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Patient Experience Success Stories
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  • 145 Saudi cities and villages
  • Aspect-based sentiment analysis
  • Patient Voice
  • English & Native Arabic model

Nahdi Medical Patient Experience Solution

Repustate developed a customized aspect-based sentiment model to help Nahdi capture and analyze patient voice data using a customized Arabic NLP model for a pharmacy setting.

  • 12 million surveys annually
  • Arabic and English
  • Trends from historical data
  • Sentiment Analysis

Arabic Sentiment Analysis Solution for Health-Links

Repustate helped bring patient voice to the forefront by working with Health-Links to automatically classify hospital patient feedback by sentiment as well as into multiple semantic categories.