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What is brand research?

Your brand is the centerpiece of all your product and service marketing efforts; brand research is about understanding the way your company or organization is perceived by those who buy your products or services, as well as by those who prefer your competitors over you.

Brands are psychological phenomena that are created and projected by marketing in order to affect the preferences and purchasing behaviors of consumers.

Your brand is the face of your company; it's the outer shell that the world sees when they look at your business. How are you being perceived?

How can sentiment analysis help brand research?

Sentiment analysis helps companies grasp what their customers are really saying about them by analyzing the text documents and data that consumers use to express their feelings, emotions, and opinions about your company. Whether these sentiments are positive, neutral, or negative it's essential in the digital age to take advantage of the opinions of your consumers and target audience in order to mold your business to them for the most advantages moving forward.

The viewpoints expressed by consumers through text such as social media or surveys are vital for deep brand insights through which a company can learn about where they should improve their customer experience and overall strategies.

Sentiment analysis can help a company's brand research by:

  • Discovering what motivates customers' purchase intent or encourages dissatisfaction.
  • Evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns and creative strategies on consumer perceptions
  • Understanding consumer opinions about product price, quality, reliability, user experience, etc.
  • Benchmarking against competing products, services, and brands.
  • Analyzing and comparing various consumer segments, and share of voice.

How does text analytics find brand insights in social posts, product reviews, and consumer surveys?

Three major ways that consumers voice their feelings and opinions about a brand is through product reviews, consumer surveys, and social media posts. The challenge for marketers comes when it's time to collect, analyze, and summarize these opinions in a way that makes their findings easily understandable and actionable. Brand sentiment analysis is just as important as the actual words being used in the post or review.

Often, consumers use abbreviated language, acronyms, emojis, sarcasm, and slang in their posts and reviews making it almost impossible to decipher the meaning behind them without a lot of manual labor. Using both topic based and aspect based sentiment analysis, Repustate can help you analyze your customer feelings and opinions in a very specific and granular way to ensure all entities, topics, and aspects are discoverable in your data sets. We put the findings into an interactive text analytics dashboard that makes review and reporting fast, simple, and easy.

Our platform makes it easy to get the root of what your customers are trying to say. No matter the channel, we've got you covered!

Repustate and Brand Insights

Whether it is done by Nike, Starbucks, or a small local boutique, brand insights are conducted when companies set out to create a new product or service, or improve an offering that is already on the market. It is an attempt by marketers to understand how their target customers feel about and perceive them.

The aim of brand research is to gain detailed consumer insights for the purpose of benchmarking and elevating the brand's profile, especially in the minds of potential purchasers. Whether qualitative or quantitative, a major part of branding is understanding the opinions and feelings of consumers. These opinions are often voiced via social media, forums, websites, etc. used in social media listening and curating in research text data.

There are two reasons why brand research is an essential part of business prosperity:

First- it provides the data needed to make effective and strategic marketing decisions.

Second- Brand research provides deep insight into consumers' minds that can be used to guide product or service improvement for the business.