Discover and unlock the potential of your video library.

Repustate's video analysis for search and retrieval allows you to easily search your video content for key topics, themes, and entities.

What is Semantic Search for Video Content?

Using Repustate's video content analysis tool makes your videos more readily discoverable by semantically indexing the content of your videos. Users can search your entire video catalog for the exact content they want without any manual tagging on your end.

Repustate's semantic Search for Video provides filmmakers, video editors, and production professionals the power to search for videos by in-footage topics, themes, and entities. These entities include celebrities, politicians, locations, and more. Semantic Search automatically annotates your data with semantic analysis information without any additional training requirements. Just plug it in and get to work!

With Semantic Search, hidden insights are brought to the surface with the click of a button.

video content analysis tool

How does our video analysis tool perform content search and retrieval?

Repustate extracts semantic insights from your video content using a multi-phase approach:

  1. Convert video to text through the use of speech-to-text models. These models are unique to each language and are built using neural networks. This yields a transcript of the speech along with the timestamps for each word.
  2. Index the text into Semantic Search for Video section by section.

    Video can be broken up into smaller sections based on longer pauses or changes in the speaker. By analyzing it section by section, we get enough context to disambiguate entities, but not too much content as to lose the ability to associate entities with granular enough timestamps.

  3. We now have timestamps of video associated with entities, themes, and topics found in the text, along with the associated metadata from Deep Search. The deep search then yields all matching sections, which in turn refer to snippets in the source video

Video content analysis uses named entity recognition to highlight the entities found at each timestamp, allowing the user to scrub to the exact point they want for the precise content they want.

Like all of Repustate's products, Semantic Search for Video is supported in over 20 languages, including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

The Video Content Analysis Challenge.

In today's digital age, the ability to access, analyze, and (re) use large amounts of data is a strategic asset of vital importance for the broadcast and media industry. With the massive amount of content stored in video libraries and extensive data, companies need an easier way to discover relevant events from their video footage.

Video analysis tools are out there, but nothing compares to what Repustate can do for you and your business.

The challenge for businesses comes down to the quality of video content analysis tool and in its ability to search, organize, and access video assets in a fast and semantically relevant way. Instead of the traditional and time-consuming process of having to view the entire video for relevant events, Repustate's Deep Search for Video offers a multi-faceted semantic search and analysis interface for navigating in video collections, including the dynamic suggestion of timestamps related to media fragment content. This makes it easier than ever before to unlock the potential of your video library.

How do companies use video content analysis tools?

Semantic Search for Video can be used by any company or individual who has a video library and requires a faster, more precise way of discovering the footage they are looking for by topic, theme, or entity. Marketers also use Content-based video tagging to make the online video content search-friendly. In addition to this, deriving product and brand insights by applying sentiment analysis to video content is the new wave in customer experience technology.

Which type of businesses can benefit from the video content analysis tool?

  • Television Broadcasters
  • Radio Broadcasters
  • Editing Suite Platforms
  • Online Footage Libraries
  • Podcasters
  • Marketing Companies
  • Web-Based Educators
  • Research Companies

How can video content analysis (VCA) help consumer brands?

Video content analysis has gone beyond security and intelligence applications. Today, it's helping companies evaluate brand sentiment. Here are a few ways VCA is assisting consumer packaged goods:

  • Assessing customer experience from video feedback.
  • Social media mining from platforms like TikTok and Youtube.
  • Analyzing employee satisfaction survey videos.
  • Extracting brand insights from influencers' videos.
  • Competitive analysis from competing product and services videos.
  • Brand research - Why users love your brand or the competition?
  • Brand name and logo identification for brand sentiment evaluation.
  • Using video ethnography to better understand customer behavior and improve products.

TikTok & YouTube videos sentiment analysis for brand insights

Nowadays, it's necessary to gauge how people feel about your product or service. Just like Facebook and Twitter, many people take to YouTube to voice their opinions on a brand. With YouTube Sentiment Analysis, take your Text Analytics and Sentiment Analytics to the next level and gain remarkable insights on what your customers are saying about you and what they are looking for from your brand.

Search archived footage with content based video analysis

Turn large video archives into new content by semantically classifying and organizing your video content. With Repustate's video analysis, you can group video clips together by theme, subject matter, or topic. Then instantly search your archived footage and find relevant videos from the past that can be repackaged for the present. What's old is new again with Repustate's video analysis.

Better video recommendations

By semantically analyzing your video content, Repustate's video analysis allows you to provide deeper, more accurate content recommendations. Rather than limiting recommendations to high level topics, you can now suggest videos based on background imagery, people, places or things mentioned and so much more. With better recommendations, your audience will stay engaged for longer.

Viewer insights and preferences

Repustate's video content analysis gives you a peek inside the minds of your audience by really understanding their preferences. Having your video content analyzed semantically allows you to extract voice of customer and pinpoint accurate insights into what content resonates with your audience and what doesn't.