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Social Video Analytics Unlocked with Video AI

Getting actionable insights from video content with social media video analytics that goes beyond likes and shares to understand what your audience thinks is no more a pipe dream. While likes and shares feel amazing, the marketing need of truly understanding your audience comes alive with social video analytics and video AI.

Content creators have started to follow the trend with the engagement and lure of video content by using valuable videos to hook their audience and increase brand awareness. Millions of videos get uploaded to the internet every day, and as this number grows, so does the desire to search and analyze the content accurately. Companies know that video content is crucial to the success of a brand’s social media account.

Today, we will walk you through precisely what social video analytics is, how it works, and tools that you can use to get the most out of your analytics to keep you up to speed and ahead of your competitors.

Why Do We Need Social Video Analytics?

Brands, individuals, and companies alike consume and create an astonishing amount of content on the internet daily. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen an increase in daily internet users. A recent study stated that 51% of United States adults started using social media more due to the pandemic.

Now that we have more people consuming content than ever before, it’s crucial to utilize social video analytics to understand your audience and competition deeper so you can always stay ahead. Plus, with your social media video analytics, your creativity flows through the presentation of fresh, cutting-edge content and strategies.

Just in case you are still on the fence as to why social video analytics is vital to your business, allow us to show you some of the benefits.

Social Video Analytics can serve you by providing:

  • Cross-platform intelligence

  • In-depth insights about your audience

  • Optimization of your videos so your audience can grow

  • Action-oriented insights drawn from your video content

  • Competitor analysisBetter content and programming plans

You’re probably thinking, “this all sounds great but how can I achieve this for my business?" It’s simple; let us show you how to accomplish this.

Tools to collect data for analyzing social media videos:

Social media video analytics is done by extracting data software and APIs from specified social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. To get a better idea of how social media video analytics works, let’s look at some of the data extraction software and APIs out there.

Apify (popularly used for Twitch & TikTok data analysis) is a software platform. It allows users to scrape the web and extract data using cutting-edge robot technology and then export the data into Excel, CSV, or JSON formats. With Apify, users can automate manual workflows and processes on the web, such as the monotonous acts of filling in forms or sorting files. Essentially, Apify lets robots do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

Insta-scrape is all about that precious Instagram data It is a lightweight Python package that provides a detailed and flexible API for scraping Instagram data. It can integrate with industry-standard tools for web scraping, data science, and analysis. This data scrapping tool helps in over all Instagram social listening.

A powerful web scraping tool, Octoparse, can scrape static and dynamic websites with JavaScript, cookies, etc. It primarily focuses on Facebook’s data and helps in Facebook sentiment analysis, which has been a hot-spot for data scraping. It offers a proxy server setting functionality that prevents IP blocks. This makes the extraction process faster. No programming knowledge is required.

The Graph API is an HTTP-based API and is the main way to get data from Facebook. Apps can use the API for social media video analytics to manage ad preferences, query data, post photos, and stories, and do many other tasks.

The YouTube Data API allows you to add multiple features to your application, allowing its users to utilize the API to upload videos, update channel settings, and more. Easily search for videos using specific search terms, topics, dates, locations, etc., to find the desired YouTube data.

This NodeJS library scrapes YouTube video comments. It is a free application that allows for the extraction of comment tracks using YouTube’s API. The data extracted is then stored in datasheets with the comments and additional information in JSON or CSV format.

As you’ll notice from the data extraction software and APIs above, they are all extremely limited to just one social media platform. The separation of each API is incredibly limiting when you want to optimize for efficiency and entire audience comprehension.

Luckily, there is a one-stop-shop video analytic tool that is compatible with multiple top-tier social media platforms. Allow us to tell you about Repustate IQ, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) semantic technology tool that extracts insights across the web.

How is Social Video Analytics done?

Repustate’s powerful machine learning (ML) social media sentiment analysis solution uses natural language processing (NLP) to extract insights from videos, making it more detail-oriented than any other tool you will find. It can semantically save all forms of videos as quickly as it can gather audience insights through YouTube sentiment analysis or even Tik Tok sentiment analysis.

Here is a first-hand look into how Repustate conducts social video analytics:

How is Social Video Analytics done?

Step 1. Audio Transcription

All audio and video files convert into text using speech-to-text supported by neural networks (NN). This transcription means that you can quickly analyze videos, podcasts, and video recordings at the same level of ease.

Step 2. Caption Overlay

Repustate breaks down videos into frame-by-frame image formatting. Any text that appears in the extracted frames is recognized and analyzed.

Step 3. Image Recognition

With Repustate’s video analysis AI, the model recognizes any images in the background, even including brand names and logos.

Step 4. Text From Post & Comments

Any comments accompanying the respective video content are ingested and processed using Repustate’s own text analytics API, which recognizes hashtags, emojis, and other social media jargon.

Step 5. Sentiment & Semantic Analysis

Using all of the relevant text extracted from the video, sentiment analysis, and semantic analysis work to extract critical topics and themes present, even including their relative sentiment.

Step 6. Visualization

All sentiment scores are then projected onto a sentiment analysis dashboard to understand the data before you easily.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Repustate

The internet is quickly becoming a video-centric space. With the increase in this form of content, it is critical for your business, brand awareness, and health of your customer relationships to be in tune with the analytics behind these videos. Luckily, it’s never been easier to get an inside look at how your target audience’s thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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