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Flexible pricing to meet all budgets.

Repustate puts you in control of your customer insights. Pay-as-you-go or monthly subscriptions for even bigger savings. With Repustate, only pay for the data you use and not a penny more.

Choose the plan that's best for you. Need even more data? Contact us for Enterprise Pricing.

Standard plan $199 / month

What's Included:

  • Unlimited user access to the Repustate IQ platform to analyze, visualize and report on all your sentiment trends
  • Sentiment analysis and topic analysis in multiple languages
  • Access to pre-built industry specific sentiment models
  • Includes 10,000 data credits per month that can be used towards any data source.
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Premium Plan $499 / month

Everything in the Standard plan plus:

  • Custom sentiment models developed exclusively for you and managed by Repustate
  • Custom industry specific models developed exclusively for you and managed by Repustate
  • Includes 50,000 data credits that can be used towards any data source.
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Don't want to commit to a subscription? No problem - buy credits as you need them

250 credits $10

1000 credits $25

4500 credits $100

On-premise deployment Price on Request

What's Included:

  • The ideal solution for customers needing absolute security and privacy
  • Deploy the full Repustate IQ platform anywhere you want
  • Easy one-click deployment with Docker containers
  • No data ever leaves your network
  • Receive continuous updates and product improvements
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Text analytics API Price on Request

What's Included:

  • Full access to Repustate’s industry leading text analytics API
  • Ideal for high-throughput, large-scale applications
  • Sentiment analysis in all languages
  • Named entity recogntion in all languages
  • Custom machine learned models specifically tailored for your industry and use case
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Pricing calculator

Repustate IQ allows you to set your budget and not spend a penny more than you want. Purchase data credits in advance and redeem for social media, news, blogs, surveys and any data you have in Excel spreadsheets. Use the calculator below to estimate your data analysis needs through Repustate IQ

Data Source Credits required Estimated volume Subtotal
5 credits / tweet
30 credits / search
2 credits / comment
300 credits / 1 min. of video
2 credits / comment
300 credits / 1 min. of video
300 credits / 1 min. of audio
2 credits / comment
2 credits / comment
1 credit / row
1 credit / review
1 credit / review
1 credit / comment
1 credits / article
10 credits / review
10 credits / review
1 credit / review
10 credits / review
1 credit / review

** Total is an estimate based on the following

  • YouTube estimates are based on 2 minute videos with 200 comments.
  • TikTok estimates are based on 1 minute videos with 100 comments.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Both the Standard plan and the Premium plan are month-to-month and can be cancelled anytime. Custom plans often come with annual committments. Contact us for any specific payment questions.

A data upload is a spreadsheet of data you want to analyze, either from social media, surveys, news or wherever you get your data.

All Repustate plans are inclusive of unlimited seats. You can add as many teammates as you like to your account.

No! Repustate will not overcharge your account. If you use up all of your credits, then you will not be charged anymore unless you explicitly add more credits yourself or your monthly subscription renews.

No! Repustate's plans all include complimentary setup, implementation, training and support.

While our models are trained on as many different sources as possible, it's inevitable that we might need to fine-tune a model to your use-case. Our Custom plan is ideal for customers who require industry-specific customizations.

Full details for an on-premise deployment, including hardware requirements, are available here.

Yes! Repustate only supports data transfer and/or API calls over HTTPS and all data is securely stored using best-practices with no access given to any 3rd parties. Additionally, Repustate is fully GDPR compliant and will never share your data with anyone for any reason. Please consult our Privacy Policy for more information.

Still have questions?

For more detailed information on Repustate's products, plans, or you'd like a live demo, please contact us

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