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What is voice of employee?

Voice of Employee or VoE is the practice of analyzing employee feedback to improve your employee experience. Voice of Employee is typically gauged by utilizing employee satisfaction survey tools and feedback systems. Most companies understand the importance of employee feedback analysis and how it can supercharge your employee experience efforts, but a lot of organizations are relying on archaic methods to extract the data they need to better understand what their employees are trying to say.

Using employee feedback and Voice of Employee methods, organizations can gain valuable insights into where they are excelling and where they might need some work. Measuring employee satisfaction doesn't have to be over-complicated; with Repustate, you can measure employee satisfaction and improve your retention rates like never before. Get to the root of what your employees really want and read between the survey lines.

Why is Voice of Employee important?

There is no better way to have a deeper engagement with your employees than to have an employee nurture journey that gives them a platform to voice their opinions and feedback on an ongoing basis throughout their tenure at a firm. Through AI-powered sentiment analysis that uses techniques such as aspect based sentiment analysis to understand the data captured from VoE survey programs, companies can:

  • Build a nurturing work culture where there is trust within the employees and towards the corporate itself.
  • Take the guesswork out of employee satisfaction efforts and get to the root of what can optimize performance levels.
  • Apprehend employee attrition by identifying turnover behavior and taking proactive steps.
  • Create a meaningful relationship with its employees and enhance managerial efficiency.
  • Optimize time and workflow management by identifying areas that employees find unproductive and superfluous.

A good VoE solution will have the capability to capture feedback for an employee satisfaction index through all channels including video, audio, and text . It will collect said data across all locations and levels of the organization. Having a great sentiment analysis tool to couple with a VoE program is what will give a company the extra edge to remain productive, agile, and future-proof.

Measure employee satisfaction and descrease your churn rates

One of the biggest indicators of how a company treats its employees is via employee churn rates. If you have a high turn-over rate, it's time to focus inward and analyze where you are going wrong. Using a Voice of Employee solution that goes beyond simple survey tools, you'll have access to unprecedented insights into what your employees are really thinking and what it's going to take to keep them happy.

Repustate carries you beyond simple survey answers. Whether it was their treatment from upper management, meetings, training tools, or flexibility you'll know exactly what part of your business is having the biggest impact on your employee satisfaction.

Attract top talent and keep them

Unlike previous generations where individuals stayed with their companies for their entire careers, people are “job hopping” more than ever before. Top talent continually bounces from company to company whether it's because of monetary gain, better perks and incentives, or diversity in the workforce. Your employee needs are as unique and complex, and in the digital age, it's become much easier to jump ship if something isn't up to standard. By utilizing a VoE solution, you can get to the root of what will help your employees stay with your company long-term and give them the experience that they deserve. Employees tell companies what they want, whether it's through reviews, surveys, or social media platforms, the sentiment is out there and it's up to you to gather it and analyze it.

Your competitors are likely using employee experience tools to help them stay ahead of you, but none of these is more valuable than an employee feedback solution that not only gathers your employee insights but also takes that feedback and analyzes it by using sentiment analysis. With this, you can gather what your employees want to see from you and retain top talent.

How can Sentiment Analysis help VoE?

The power of a great employee feedback solution is well known in many industries. Couple the benefits of a Voice of Employee tool with Sentiment Analytics and you've got a new superpower on your hands.

Sentiment Analysis is the practice of using NLP or Natural Language Processing to identify employee sentiments. By combining AI and text analytics, companies can read between the lines of what their employees are trying to say about their experience working with a brand and garner the sentiment behind it. When you combine text analytics and VoE, you're gathering the emotional feedback of your employees.

Attract the best

As your employee satisfaction rates improve, so too will the rate at which you attract top talent to your organization. With the advent of social media, and more specifically platforms where employees can voice their opinions about what it was like to work for this company, organizations have to be more vigilant about what is said on those platforms. One bad review can be the reason why a job seeker chooses your competitor over you.

Voice of Employee surveys are great at scratching the surface of what employees want to see from you, but they are only that: surface level and archaic. What companies need is a solution that digs deep into the employee satisfaction index and utilizes employee sentiment analysis.

Sentiment Analytics Meets Voice of Employee

Repustate takes text analytics and Voice of Employee to the next level. Our approach to text analytics is comprehensive and flexible enough to meet your needs in a variety of industries for a diversity of use cases.

Because employees use so many different channels to communicate their brand sentiments, Repustate makes it possible to analyze the different means of communication. Whether it's slang, hashtags, or industry-speak, Repustate allows you to create your own sentiment rules that are specific to your industry and use case.

Multilingual sentiment analysis is hard but Repustate has developed multiple techniques that, when used together, deliver a fast and accurate analytics engine.

Give your employees a voice

Get fast, reliable, and accurate results every time, no matter what language your employee speaks. Our multilingual sentiment analysis solution understands and can effectively process information in over 20 different languages including English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.