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Top 10 Word Cloud Generators

Top word cloud generation tools can transform your insight visualizations with their creativity, and give them an edge. Word clouds are also a great way to summarize critical information from large texts for infographics, presentations, team discussions, live seminars, and a number of other applications. That’s why they are great for quick data reviews to get a synopsis of the content, such as from voice of the customer data.

What Do Word Clouds Do?

Word clouds can extract key information from pages and pages of boring data, even large spreadsheets, to give you essential information at a glance. They allow you to break down an article, survey, or even comments driven insights from review forums to see which words were most frequently used. They are by no means a tool for in-depth data analysis but they do break the monotony of quantitative metrics, ease the cumbersome task of scrutinizing big data manually to get an overview, and help you hold the attention of your audience. Word clouds can be created in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and can be static or interactive.

Which Are The Top Word Cloud Generators?

Here is a top-10 list of the world’s best word cloud generators based on the simplicity of use, availability, and feature options.

1. Repustate IQ

Repustate’s text analytics API and dashboard allow you to generate word clouds that are driven by machine learning for customer feedback analysis, reviews, survey data analysis, news data, and other important purposes. The platform can analyze text, audio, and video data seamlessly for sentiment mining through natural language processing (NLP), semantic clustering, named entity recognition (NER), and other ML tasks.

You can see topics, key phrases and words, and aspects in your data, and create a word cloud that captures the document in a nutshell on the customer insights dashboard. Only with Repustate can you further investigate your word cloud for finer, more detailed insights into the aspects captured by the word cloud. You can see aspect trends, sentiment trends, and more. It supports 23 languages and dialects.

2. EdWordle

EdWordle is based on one of the top word cloud generators, Wordle, and in fact is an upgrade to the original software. It allows you to generate word clouds and unlike Wordle allows you to edit your word cloud and customize their shape, color, and design. You can also add and delete words, rotate the word clouds, as well as create custom visualizations.

If you use the original Wordle, you can also scramble the word cloud with a click. Like most word cloud generators, Wordle only allows text data. It also depends on Java, which means that it can run smoothly only on certain browsers.

3. WordArt

WordArt is another great one on the best word cloud generators list. It’s perfect for adding a creative flair to your infographics and presentations. The software has various formatting and design options, including the option to create your own shape. You can also add icons and emojis to the word cloud. You can upload the data as a file, simply copy and paste, or enter the URL of the link you want to use such as Amazon reviews or an online article.

Apart from this, WordArt allows you to download your word cloud in a standard format as well as in high resolution for printing purposes. There are various purchase options available that you can choose from, based on your preference.

4. WordItOut

Like other word cloud tools, WordItOut allows you to create word clouds in a variety of fashions. You can choose your own color and fonts, change the ratio of words, select the orientation of the words, as well as word placement. Also, you can choose which words to exclude from your word cloud. You also have the flexibility to save your creation with private or public access.

The great thing about WordItOut is that you can use word clouds not just for official and academic purposes but also for fun projects like prints on t-shirts, knapsacks, or mugs.

5. WordClouds

Like some of the other best word cloud generators, WordCouds has a number of options you can choose from when you create word clouds including color, font, and shapes such as objects, letters, and even custom images. You can also hyperlink the words. The software has a number of other features and a cool wizard that you can use to explore all of them.

WorldClouds allows you to download the files as .jpg files or as print-ready pdfs, and also share them on your social media pages. Unlike WordArt, WordClouds is a free word cloud generator.

6. TagCrowd

TagCrowd is not only one of the top word cloud generators but also a free one. You can copy-paste your document onto the tool, upload the data as a plain text file, or paste the URL of the web page you want to analyze. Like Repustate, TagCrows is multilingual. It supports 15 languages.

You can cluster similar words, choose which words you want to display, set a range for the number of words, as well as specify the frequency of the words you want in your word cloud.

7. Tagxedo

Tagxedo is another one of the best word cloud generators out there. You can make word clouds in real-time, which is great for talks and seminars. Like other tools, it allows you to customize the color, shapes, fonts, and orientation of the word cloud. There are plenty of custom fonts also available that you can use.

You can save the images for print and also share them on social profiles. Tagxedo does require Microsoft Silverlight to function, though. So you will have to download it first.

8. Jason Davies Word Cloud

Jason Davies Word Cloud is a bit different from other word cloud generators. It is popular amongst mathematicians and has a variety of layouts based on mathematical principles such as Archimedian or rectangular layouts. It has various scale choices including √n, log n, or n. The orientation of the word cloud can be altered by changing the number and degrees from text boxes.

Unlike the other tools in this list, Jason Davies only allows you to copy and paste text to a text box, which means you cant import text. You also can’t change the color or shape of the word clouds.

9. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is one of the best word cloud generators because of a special feature it has that allows the word cloud to grow in real-time based on audience response. It is, therefore, excellent for instructors, teachers, and for those giving interactive presentations. The software has different purchase plans and promotes itself as powering hybrid work and as a facilitator for offering a quick grasp on live question-and-answer sessions, quizzes, and surveys.

10. ABCya

ABCya! is a free word cloud generator. It is perfect if you want a simple, free tool for a quick overview or summary of your text. Even though it is mostly used in classrooms because of its simplicity and friendly user interface, there is no reason why you can’t use it to extract word clouds for your client presentations or to analyze text. You can simply copy and paste your text and create your word cloud. You can set the limit of words for your word cloud and choose different shapes, colors, and fonts as well.

What Are The Applications Of A Word Cloud?

Word clouds are clever visual tools that extract and show you the most important aspects of your data at a glance, such as even from news sentiment analysis data. Although they do not contain in-depth insights, they can be a key element in your content strategy including collateral containing infographics and presentations.

In a nutshell, here are 5 ways in which the best word cloud generators enable you to use word clouds in a professional setting.

  • They are great for insight visualization
  • They offer a quick study of your data so you can grasp the salient points.
  • Word clouds are perfect for summarizing large documents, especially in academia.
  • Apt for interactive team discussions and audience participation.
  • Offer an in-road into a deeper analysis of the data.

Read more about the applications of word clouds.


Word Clouds show you the most frequently occurring words in a document. In effect, they show you the trending themes in the text, whether they are from social media listening data or from web pages you want to process for review sentiment analysis. Incidentally, both of which you can do effortlessly with Repustate. You can also gather TikTok insights because Repustate is the only one among the top word cloud generators that can analyze user-generated social video content.

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