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Repustate Adds Reddit Sentiment Analysis To Its Capabilities

7th June, 2022, TORONTO - Repustate is excited to announce that it has added Reddit to its wide range of sources for data mining. Customers can now seamlessly extract high-precision insights for product, brand, industry, and customer insights through Reddit sentiment analysis.

This new addition to Repustate’s repository has made it one of the few sentiment analysis APIs in the world with the ability to analyze sentiment in Reddit and subreddit posts and comments for business intelligence.

Repustate’s AI-driven solution for social media sentiment analysis allows you to leverage hidden insights in terabytes of unstructured social media data so you can develop better, more efficient business and operational action-plans.

Available as an API, and as an all-encompassing intelligent platform, Repustate IQ, with its comprehensive insights visualization dashboard, the product caters to all industries individually through specific aspect models. It allows you to analyze text as well as video data sources such as TikTok, Douyin, YouTube, Instagram, Google reviews, Amazon reviews, and many others.

Reinforced with a powerful named entity recognition (NER) capability and native natural language processing (NLP) for 23 languages, Repustate IQ is capable of processing 1,000 comments per second. Significantly, its no-code technology allows you to have complete control over your projects, as you alter entities and aspects depending on your dynamic business needs.

Customized and trained to fit your requirements, Repustate’s all-in-one sentiment analysis aspect models cater to customers worldwide, in numerous areas. This includes customer experience analytics, brand experience insights, and employee experience analytics in banking, clothing retail, health & lifestyle, luxury accessories, automotive, the public sector, and more.