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Reddit Sentiment Analysis For Customer Experience Insights

Reddit has become such a ubiquitous part of daily life that Reddit sentiment analysis can give marketers important insights on almost any topic for product and marketing insights. Repustate IQ is one of the few Reddit data sentiment analysis tools with the ability to analyze sentiment in Subreddit posts and comments. You can use it to leverage the treasure trove of insights hidden in comments and reviews through voice of the customer analysis to develop better, more efficient marketing action plans.

Let us take a deep dive and see how Repustate’s AI-driven solution works and how you can apply it to your advantage and sharpen your marketing and product efficiency.

Understanding Reddit

Reddit is the go-to online platform for most internet users for any doubts or queries on a variety of subject matters. People publish all kinds of content on the platform including posts, images, videos, or even other web links. Though, because the platform is used most for comments, the data type by far is text-based.

Reddit hosts discussion groups, each of them being individual communities, based on different topics as varied as entertainment, machine learning, books, fitness, healthcare, cars, you name it. These communities are called subreddits. People can upvote or downvote content and this way, whatever content is most popular gets pushed up and the least favored content moves down.

Reddit Analysis

While many businesses advertise on Reddit, there are those that use Reddit for marketing in a subtle manner by having and hosting communities where they welcome customers to ask questions and engage with them.

How Is Sentiment Analysis On Reddit Done?

Sentiment analysis on Reddit is done most efficiently with the help of AI algorithms. The machine learning (ML) platform is first trained in order to process data for Reddit sentiment analysis. This process includes many important ML techniques such as natural language processing (NLP), aspect-based sentiment analysis, semantic clustering, topic and aspect extraction and classification, and others.

Let us see the steps of Reddit sentiment analysis to better understand how the AI works behind the scenes.

Step1: Collecting the Reddit data

First, the data from the Reddit thread is entered into the model. This can be done by directly entering the URL of the post.

Step 2. Preparing the data

In this step, the model prepares the data for analysis by breaking down the data types into text, and then into topics, classifiers, and categories.

  • Audio/Video - In general, the model will transcribe podcasts or social media videos through speech-to-text software so that those units also can be processed like text data. This is how the platform conducts YouTube video analysis as well as Instagram social listening
  • Captions - It also gathers text from caption overlays in the above-said video content
  • Text - All the text in the Reddit and Subreddit posts and comments is cleaned by removing redundancies, punctuations, inaccuracies, etc.

Step 3 - Data analysis

Once the data is cleaned and prepared, the model conducts text and sentiment analysis in the following manner.

  • Model training - The ML model is trained with training data meant for different industries such as banking, hospitality, entertainment, etc. After the results are obtained, it is compared to the validation dataset and if not up to a benchmark, it is trained again
  • Multilingual data analysis - Native natural language processing is applied with a part-of-speech tagger developed for every language. This removes inaccuracies when analyzing data in different languages
  • Custom tagging - Custom tags such as price, deposit, location, etc, are made for each aspect and theme found in the data so that the model can later automatically segregate the text based on these tags
  • Topic classification - Topics are classified throughout the composite data for fine-grained sentiment analysis on Reddit
  • Sentiment analysis - The sentiment analysis API now analyzes each topic and aspect for sentiment and assigns the appropriate score. The model eventually aggregates these separate sentiment scores and then gives an aspect-based sentiment score as well as an overall sentiment score

Step 4 - Data Visualization

All the Reddit sentiment analysis insights thus gathered are shown on the sentiment analysis dashboard in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.

Why Is Reddit Sentiment Analysis Important?

While Reddit is not used for up-front marketing campaigns directly by most companies, the platform offers key advantages for you to get a competitive edge.

Some of these are as follow.

1. Analyze user-generated content

Sentiment analysis on Reddit can help you extract many aspects that are hidden in thousands of user-generated comments, reviews, and posts. And because most user-generated content is spontaneous and without an apparent business agenda, it is easy to understand what people want, need, and think about different subjects and how it relates to your brand. Learn more about user genetated content analysis on social media using sentiment analysis.

2. Discover product/service issues

Subreddits are filled with discussions that people have about products and services they have purchased. These discussions are mostly around if they’ve hit a snag or if they are happy with their purchase. Reddit sentiment analysis can give very clear insights into how your brand is performing as a whole, if customers are generally happy with your product, and more importantly, if there are issues that are occurring quite frequently amongst your customers.

3. Understand customer and market trends

Reddit sentiment analysis can boost your marketing campaigns and your growth strategy by showing you which directions industry trends are leaning towards based on customer behavior. When you use customer experience analysis from Reddit in conjunction with other social media listening data, you are assured of a holistic and inclusive view of your consumer and product base and prepare for the near future.

4. Educate users and prospective customers

A fantastic way to augment your FAQ repository is to use Reddit to educate users about various topics related to your product, offer recommendations, and provide broader information. This method is very useful, especially during a new product launch, where you can host Q&A sessions and use the forum to your advantage.

5. Engage with, and help your audience

Reddit can be a great place where you can engage with your customers and audiences for brand experience insights, and genuinely help them with any problems that they may be having while using your product or service. Almost an extension of customer care, this form of community support can go a long way in building your brand equity. Further, Reddit sentiment analysis can tell you if your strategy is working, and if not, you will get clear indications of what aspects need improvement.


Repustate’s Reddit sentiment analysis platform for customer experience and brand insights provides you with accurate, high-quality, and in-depth insights on its user-friendly text analytics dashboard. All insights are shown as charts and graphs and can be easily shared amongst team members and the larger organization. You can understand customer opinions more deeply and use the information easily to create data-driven business growth and branding strategies to strengthen your market foothold.

Furthermore, available on the Cloud as well as as an on-prem installation, Repustate’s sentiment analysis solution is highly customizable and needs no coding if you want to alter specs and seek insights for different aspects of your business even after your model has been trained and built for you.

Explore Reddit sentiment analysis to elevate your marketing strategy, improve customer experience, and discover product innovation insights.

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