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Go Beyond Traditional Employee Experience (EX) Analytics: Download The Free e-Book

Modern workplaces are evolving and human resource practices need to keep up. Traditional data analysis tools just don’t make the cut anymore. They do not have the robustness and granularity to recognize and capture the minute, hidden details in employee feedback data - data that can have spelling errors, colloquial language, redundancies, and responses without context.

You need smart, intuitive, easy-to-use employee experience analysis software that can immediately make sense of terabytes of unstructured employee surveys, reviews, comments, and other data. Not just from your internal database but also external sources such as Glassdoor or Indeed.

Download this resourceful Guide to Employee Experience Analytics e-book to learn how you can devise clear-cut, workplace strategies from impeccable, machine learning insights.

Inside this Guide you will learn how to:

  • Extract hidden aspect-based insights from employee feedback
  • Design effective employee experience programs
  • Prepare for current & future needs of employees
  • Boost employee engagement & productivity
  • Develop personalized, meaningful employee recognition & reward programs
  • Create a more nurturing work environment

You will see how intelligent sentiment analysis can turn labor-intensive employee experience feedback data analysis into high-precision insights effortlessly, efficiently, and accurately.

Leverage a modern, cutting-edge, proven machine learning solution. One that can give you intelligence on important aspects of your organization that can have a significant impact on employee satisfaction, engagement, and performance.

Go beyond traditional HR management approaches with Repustate’s sentiment analysis API for employee experience analytics.

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