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Making social media analytics easier than ever.

A new beginning

Repustate has relaunched with a new & improved user interface to help marketers, researchers and those who are just so darn curious about social media. This new interface augments our already popular API which has been helping our developer partners make heads & tails out of the stream of data they encounter.

What can you do with the new Repustate

There’s a truck load of information being generated every day. How do you keep tabs on it? How do you know who has a question about your product and who are your biggest advocates? How do you assess whether or not your social media campaigns are having their intended effect? Repustate makes this all automatic and easy by doing the following.

  • Automatically categorizing tweets & Facebook messages by their sentiment and semantic meaning
  • Aggregate data from different data sources with different filtering criteria
  • Applying filters through a simple drag-and-drop interface to view your data through specific dimensions
  • Making exporting your data and reporting in PowerPoint or PDF a one click cinch
  • Generate beautiful reports in HTML5 and share them with your social network

On the horizon

Without question, the most requested feature has been natural language analytics in other languages. We’re working on this feverishly to allow our partners to analyze social media across the globe. Stay tuned for more updates on our social media listening tool.

Lastly, we’ll be adding tutorial videos to our site to help our customers see the many ways they can use Repustate to expand their services to their clients.

Until next time.

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