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10 Top Employee Experience Platforms

Employee experience (EX) platforms are one of the most strategic tools that a human resources team can use to develop compelling employee strategies to build an efficient and productive workforce. Here are the top EX platforms that are the best in their category in providing accurate insights so you can transform your employee experience.

What Is An Employee Experience (EX) Platform?

Employee experience platforms use AI-driven algorithms to extract meaningful information from employee feedback data that can be gathered from any source. Thus, an organization can leverage employer reviews from internal sources such as surveys, exit interviews, emails, and others, as well as external sources such as websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor, to collect vital brand experience and employee satisfaction insights.

Why Is An Employee Experience Platform So Important?

An EX analysis platform helps an organization analyze sentiment in employee feedback data to extract intelligent insights that can be used in the following ways:

  1. Measure and enhance employee satisfaction
  2. Develop relevant training programs
  3. Inspire better leadership
  4. Increase employee morale & reduce attrition
  5. Boost brand perception
  6. Build relevant employee recognition programs
  7. Identify areas of concern
  8. Increase employee engagement and community building
  9. Overhaul the recruitment process
  10. Improve existing human resource policies

What Are The Top Employee Experience Platforms?

There are several employee experience platforms in the market. Here are some that are at the top of their game in their respective areas.

1. Repustate IQ

Repustate IQ gives you cutting-edge, end-to-end, employee experience insights throughout the employee life-cycle and across all work aspects. AI-powered and infinitely scalable, this is one of the top EX platforms that allows you to analyze employee feedback in every format and from any data source. It can be integrated with survey tools like SurveyMonkey, or visualization tools like PowerBI or Tableau, and is available as both an API and as a complete solution with its own intelligent and interactive dashboard.

You can use insights from Repustate IQ to develop important strategies around critical HR operations such as talent management, training and development, productivity, employee engagement, and more. Use the tool in 23 languages, and use the insights to create meaningful employee connections.

2. Glint

Glint is one of the top EX platforms that provides intuitive insights and works across industries. Powered by its parent organization Linkedin, Glint supports human resource teams with EX intelligence presented on a user-friendly visualization dashboard. Like Repustate IQ, the tool allows you a deep understanding of employee sentiment so that you can dig deeper into engagement levels and build effective action plans.

Similar to Repustate IQ, Glint can also use real-time data to extract insights. It also allows you to have alerts and notifications for any negative sentiment so you can take action on a ready basis.

3. Kazoo

Kazoo is also an efficient EX platform that allows human resource teams to collaborate so that they can use insights to develop employee recognition and satisfaction strategies. It can integrate with human resource management systems and tools such as Teams and Slack. Additionally, it has iOS and Android mobile apps that enable employees to be in sync at the organizational level and claim incentives and rewards even while working remotely.

Kazoo is efficient with extracting insights from employee surveys and helps HR teams to integrate these EX discoveries and use them for employee development strategies across the board.

4. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a proficient people management tool that allows HR teams to gain insightful information from employee feedback data. Its comprehensive dashboard provides detailed analysis reports based on your needs. The insights you gain can be seamlessly used to develop strategies to reduce employee turnover, increase productivity, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Best used in large enterprises, Qualtrics has over 250 templates that allow your employee surveys easy reach. You can capture and store your information in one single place and visit your metrics every time you want to do a comparative analysis of current and historical employee experience performance.

5. Lattice

Lattice is one of the top EX platforms that help human resource teams measure and strategize employee performance, development, and engagement. You can use the tool to run performance reviews of your staff, publicize employee achievements, promote team collaborations, and track feedback channels and frequencies.

Lattice can integrate with external work tools such as Slack, Salesforce, or Jira. You can use the tool not only for employee performance management but also as a collaboration tool between management and senior executives to build high-performing teams.

6. Achievers

Achievers is an employee engagement tool that is also one of the top EX platforms for analyzing employee training and development needs for improved productivity. Primarily meant for employee awards and recognition programs, collaborating and connecting with peers, and celebrating employee achievements, the tool also gives you insights to increase flexibility in the organization, especially for hybrid work models.

Like Repustate IQ, Achievers too can be used in a variety of industries including banking, telecommunications, quick service restaurants (QSRs), and others. You can also customize it to fit your specific needs.

7. Kudos

Kudos is an EX platform that is great for peer-to-peer recognition and collaboration just like Achievers. It helps HR teams to measure employee engagement, performance, satisfaction, and other parameters, and be integrated with tools such as Teams and Slack. Kudos boasts several levels of recognition supporting employee appreciation and performance.

The software comes with pre-built in-app campaigns and provides personalized promotional materials. It also offers expert guidance on how to use the insights to improve work culture and develop a more supportive employee experience.

8. Microsoft Viva

Another one of the top EX platforms available in the market, Microsoft Viva is an intelligent tool focused on workforce productivity, employee wellbeing, and safe workplace strategies. It not only helps HR teams but also employees with helpful resources, a forum to communicate with colleagues, share highlights and ideas, etc.

An insightful employee experience platform within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, Viva provides you with critical information that you can use for employee career development plans, employee engagement strategies, as well as for knowledge management.

9. Culture Amp

A top EX platform meant for peer-to-peer feedback analysis, Culture Amp provides immense support for developing strategies to build employee morale, workplace productivity, and employee engagement. It comes with 30+ employee survey templates that can be customized to further fit your needs, and be used in a variety of ways.

The software allows you to derive employee experience insights for productive growth conversations, transforming your hiring and employee retention strategies, and building action plans for a more conducive and productive work environment.

10. Survey Sparrow

SurveySparrow is one of the top EX analysis platforms that is efficient for large enterprises and allows you to send omnichannel surveys. Like Repustate IQ, it has an intelligent and easy-to-use visualization dashboard that provides you insights for 360-degree employee assessment, recruitment and pre-hire, and exit interviews.

The software allows you to integrate with your existing HRMS tools and replace outdated performance reviews with a more up-to-date appraisal format. You can simplify daily HR tasks, optimize workflows, and even receive alerts and notifications for parameters you have earmarked.

How Do You Select The Best Employee Experience Platform?

All highly efficient EX analysis platforms have certain features that are critical for their superior functioning. These are as follow.

1. Track & measure sentiment

Top EX platforms will allow you to track and measure employee sentiment based on several parameters including periods, languages, data sources, etc.

2. Ability to process all data types

You should be able to analyze employee experience data received in any format - text, audio, or video.

3. Understands semantic analysis

Accurate semantic analysis ensures you don’t get double negatives or positives thus increasing insight accuracy.

4. Conducts sentiment mining

The EX platform should be able to seamlessly process sentiment analysis steps to provide you with the most accurate employee experience insights.

5. Multilingual

You should be able to analyze employee feedback in different languages without having to worry about inaccurate translation woes.

6. Customizable

Top employee experience platforms should be customizable to your industry and business needs so that you get insights that are specific to your data.

7. Understands reviews and social media listening

The best EX platform is one that can analyze social media content with its complexities such as code switches, colloquialisms, emojis, etc as easily as comments and reviews. This is also true for customer experience analysis.

8. Ability to analyze all data sources

Top EX platforms should be able to process data from different, distinct sources such as chatbots, emails, video interviews, audio files, surveys, reviews, and more.

9. Understand open-ended responses

The best EX platforms should be able to process surveys that go beyond quantitative metrics and understand open-ended survey responses.

10. Intelligent insights visualization

The best employee experience platforms should be able to give you all EX intelligence in a user-friendly, easy-to-understand manner so you can use the insights to your advantage.


These top employee experience platforms, and many others like them, can give you the advantage of using data-driven insights to have meaningful discussions with your employees regarding their motivations, aspirations, performance, and other important matters. These insights can help your HR teams discover hidden employee talents, uncover career development opportunities, and create tools for better team management and leadership.

Support your employees and boost productivity with a state-of-the-art workplace environment. Explore Repustate IQ and see how a top-performing Employee experience platform can help you reach your goals.

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