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Repustate, Canada’s premiere semantic technology company, announced a new partnership with Sentinic, an innovative start-up out of Warsaw, Poland who is developing the first software tool that monitors company reputation in real-time based on Google search results.

Repustate will be providing Sentinic with AI-powered Polish text analytics and sentiment analysis capabilities. Sentinic Product Leader, Tomasz Lewandowski said that “we tested a lot of different tools for sentiment analysis and not one gave us the level of accuracy that Repustate provides. We feel safe with integrating it into our platform.” The Sentinic platform is for people working in marketing, PR and HR. It will enable tracking of up to 30 keywords chosen by the user and automatic analysis of the results sentiment. The software allows you to monitor the online reputation of your brand, products or representatives and detect crisis situations at an early stage. The Polish software house Autentika is responsible for the development and UX design of the tool.Repustate president Martin Ostrovsky said that “it is rare to find a start-up like Sentinic doing such innovative work in this category. These are the types of companies Repustate looks to help scale globally as they acquire customers in almost any new market. Our multi-language capabilities were built with global brands in mind.”

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Repustate is a Toronto-based software and technology company providing AI-powered text analytics, sentiment analysis and enterprise search capabilities to brands and corporations looking to understand their data, customers and employees faster and more accurately in over 20-languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and German.

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