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New API calls, new pricing, and beautiful reporting in one click.


Repustate has a new text analytics API (V2), new UI for our non-developer users, and more goodies coming. Existing customers have had their accounts converted to new “Starter” plans. Paying customers will be have their previous billing agreements honoured.

Long version:

While V1 of Repustate was aimed exclusively at the hearts of developers, we’ve added new functionality and a new interface to broaden our appeal. Existing customers will have a few weeks before others do to give the new API a kick as well as playing around with the new interface we’ve built on top of our great technology.

Here’s a summary of some of the changes for current non-paying customers:

  1. You have been updated to our new “Starter” plan. It’s free to use, but introduces limits on API calls. You are limited to 50K calls per month, with no allowance for overages. If you’d like to use more, you’ll have to upgrade to a paid plan. We feel our paid plans are very competitive to similar offerings.

  2. Please update your API calls to use “v2” as your version number in the POST to our server.

This new release places greater focus on reporting and measuring data with our new drag’n drop filters and one-click export to PowerPoint. We’ll be expanding on these features as time goes by, adding more filters and improving the layout options of the slide shows. Also, we’ll be introducing ways for you to make reports public and share them with your colleagues.

Thanks again for helping us with bug reports and feedback. We’d love if you could do the same during this beta period. This is beta - we expect bugs, so let us know when you find them.

Lastly, since we’re not quite ready to let the world in, let’s just keep this beta between us friends.

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