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Repustate & David Allen Company partner on Semantic Search for Video project

Repustate Inc., Canada’s premier AI-powered semantic software company, and the David Allen Company, the world-renowned productivity training firm, have announced a partnership. The goal of the collaboration is to make the company’s video content more easily searchable and discoverable by executives, managers and consumers interested in improving their personal productivity and that of their teams.

The David Allen Company was founded by American business consultant David Allen, who in 2001 published the business book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, to international critical acclaim. The Getting Things Done® (GTD®) approach is a work-life management system that alleviates the feeling of overwhelm—instilling focus, clarity, and confidence. Since the book’s publication, Allen has conducted hundreds of video interviews with business leaders, talks, seminars, sessions and classes on the practical application of the GTD methodology. David Allen described how, after many years of running a successful consultancy, they were faced with the following challenge. “How do we take 20+ years of accumulated GTD content and make sense of it, so that we can deliver relevant knowledge to both current GTD practitioners and others looking for specific solutions to specific challenges in their lives?”

This challenge led the company to review many possible vendors including Repustate. Martin Ostrovsky, President of Repustate said that, “When I was in business school I read Getting Things Done, and actually used some of its principles when I started my software company. So when I heard that David was looking for video analysis and search software, I jumped at the opportunity”. After a thorough review of possible service providers, the The David Allen Company chose Repustate. “Repustate ultimately stood out as the best solution for us. They fully understood our use case, both in terms of immediate needs and long-term vision. Their pricing made sense for us as a smaller organization. They handled the technical aspects of setting up our system, saving us development costs. We’ve been able to provide our semantic data in a simple spreadsheet. And while they were able to meet us where we’re at now, we’re also confident that Repustate provides a platform for us to grow as the GTD digital body of knowledge continues to grow,”said Allen in a recent interview.

About Repustate

is a Toronto-based natural language processing software and technology company providing AI-powered text analytics, sentiment analysis and enterprise search capabilities to brands and corporations looking to understand their data, customers and employees faster and more accurately in over 20-languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and German.

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