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15 Benefits Of A Comments Analysis Tool You Can’t Ignore

Machine learning (ML)-enabled customer comments analysis tools can extract the most minute details from social media big data to give you meaningful insights. Top social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and the like, hold tons of consumer-generated data that are just waiting for you to harness for invaluable business benefits. We explore 15 such important advantages that an AI-driven tool to analyze comments provides you with.

Do Companies Even Use Comment Analysis?

Businesses are using social media comments analysis to gain rich consumer insights that they wouldn’t have easily found even with market surveys. The reason is that social media encourages an impromptu response and people are prone to be more honest in their feedback.

Further, surveys may not even cover all the talking points that a business should be addressing. This is an important reason why many great brands have a large corporate presence on social media channels, especially Twitter.

An automated, intelligent comments analysis tool is the best bet when it comes to digging into thousands of comments and posts on social channels to analyse customer experience. It allows you to discover changing consumer preferences, customer paint points and soft spots, as well as insights, to develop more effective and targeted marketing campaigns to amplify your brand.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Comment Analysis Tools?

Social media comments analysis tools have numerous advantages that benefit both large enterprises as well as small and medium businesses (SMBs). These artificial intelligence tools give you market insights that are useful whether you are a business-to-business (B2B) company or a business-to-consumer (B2C).

Here are 15 such impeccable benefits that you can get from a comments analysis tool.

1. Monitor overall customer satisfaction

Analyzing comments for audience sentiments can help you discover the overall customer satisfaction your target market has with your brand. This allows you to measure your brand experience effectively and develop the right strategies in order to make sure that you are on the right track for long-term success.

2. Improve customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is critical for business success. A comment analysis tool gives you the opportunity to track the level of customer experience at your business locations at a very minute level. Read this CX analysis of two Wendy’s locations for which we used Repustate IQ to measure customer experience, and you will see why localized monitoring of customer experience is so important.

3. Gain real-time consumer insights

Machine learning algorithms in comment analysis tools provide you with real-time sentiment analysis insights. In social media platforms that do not have a real-time feed capability, the sentiment analysis tool allows you to perform repeat, time-bound data pulls for analysis, which can give you the same results as live-stream comments.

4. Identify emotional triggers

When you analyze sentiment in thousands of comments on different social platforms for certain hashtags or keywords, you can see data patterns emerging. Comment analysis tools can thus identify emotional triggers in customer comments through aspect-emotion co-occurrence and let you know what aspects of your business correspond to which recurring sentiment in customers.

5. Identify product & service gaps

You want to know how you can increase your market share and identify gaps in your products and services. These gaps can be market gaps, as in, new opportunities that you can benefit from, as well as lacunas in your current business that you can overcome with data-driven insights from customer conversation and social chatter.

Learn more about sentiment analysis on reviews.

6. Leverage upselling opportunities

Happy customers are more open to purchasing enhanced services and products from a business that they have had a good experience with. This drives sales and also gives you the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell, thus increasing your revenue margins.

7. Build brand loyalty

Happy customers are also great ambassadors of your business. They even tend to remain loyal in times of turmoil. Thus, comment analysis tools help you find credible ways in which you can keep these important customers happy. You can use the data to develop better rewards programs as well as measure brand loyalty over time.

8. Reduce customer churn

Customer retention is a big problem for companies and it’s mostly because of misplaced business strategies. Sentiment analysis on customer comments helps you pinpoint what exactly can help you check customer attrition and boost loyalty.

9. Train customer service staff

Knowing your customers’ emotional triggers, purchase motivations, pain points, etc. can give you important insights that can help your customer service staff tremendously. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business, and if you can provide the best customer service possible, that’s half the battle won over your competition.

10. Train chatbots

Akin to training your employees, AI-lead chatbots too can be trained more efficiently with the insights that you get from a comments analysis tool. Once you have mastered the frequently asked questions, major inconveniences, service, and after-sales queries, it is far easier to train chatbots and provide your customers with more effective solutions to their issues.

11. Manage brand reputation

Brand reputation management is extremely important in this day and age of cancel culture. In fact, it’s not just customers that companies need to worry about but also employees and workplaces. It’s not easy to keep up-to-date with what the latest outrage is trending, and that’s why a sentiment analysis tool is invaluable. Whether it’s generating insights from TikTok or Instagram social listening, you have all the tools you need to protect your brand with AI-driven social media insights.

12. Monitor sentiment over time

A comments analysis tool helps you monitor customer and market sentiment over time. It can be related to a new product launch, new store location, change in staff, or just an overall change in industry trends. You can set benchmarks for yourself and also for your competitors based on certain metrics and parameters.

13. Improve social media content

Your brand’s social media content needs to be relatable to your audience. Only then can you master the platform. There are brands that have become pros at winning social media and it reflects in their popularity and revenues. A sentiment analysis API enables you to sieve through thousands of comments for customer feedback analysis so that you can develop the right content strategy for your social media campaigns.

14. Get competitor knowledge

Just as you can find key insights from comments related to your brand, you can do the same by digging for relevant information from comments related to your competitors. A comments analysis tool gives you the opportunity to do a comparative study so you can know your competitors well. This helps you bridge the gap between customer satisfaction and your products/services that may be letting your competitors eat into your profits.

15. Prepare for emerging market trends

The art of driving a successful business strategy is to always be prepared for the future. Sentiment analysis of social media comments can tell you what customers want, what industry trends are emerging, and what you can do to master them.

What Are The Major Social Platforms Covered By Comments Analysis Tools?

Comment analysis tools seamlessly extract insights from the following major social media platforms.

1. TikTok

TikTok is one of the most popular social media channels for businesses, with TikTok’s ad revenue alone projected to be US$12 Billion in 2022. Businesses are using comment analysis tools to find out insights to diversify their markets, amplify their brands, boost sales conversions, and more.

2. Douyin

Douyin is the go-to app for premium brands in the Chinese market. Whether it’s Rolex, Prada, or Tiffany’s, all premium brands have been making a bee-line to ensure that they have a strong presence on Douyin. Interestingly, very few comment analysis tools provide accurate, native Chinese language sentiment analysis on Douyin like Repustate’s platform, Repustate IQ, does.

3. Instagram

Instagram is an absolute favorite amongst brands - products, services, organizations, and celebrities alike. A comment analysis tool gives you the ability to harness consumer insights through Instagram social listening so you can go beyond the quantitative metrics of dislikes, shares, views, and clicks, and discover real, actionable insights for marketing and growth strategies.

4. Twitter

With Twitter, you can easily get real-time sentiment analysis to monitor and track customer preferences, brand perceptions, and trending topics. AI-enabled sentiment analysis tools can derive insights from thousands of comments and tweets in seconds and give you a granular view of various aspects of your business.

5. YouTube

YouTube has over 2 billion active users and is one of the most important social media channels for businesses. YouTube comments analysis allows you to leverage all the comments on your brand videos, user-generated content based on your product reviews, as well as comments on videos of your competitor brands. You can gain invaluable insights into product positioning, product-market gaps, and much more.

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Repustate’s sentiment analysis tool to analyze comments gives you all this and more including the flexibility to change or add aspects, see overall as well as individual aspect-emotion insights, set alerts for brand mentions, and monitor sentiment trends over time.

The solution is available as an API as well as a complete platform with a comprehensive insights visualization dashboard. You can assess and analyze comments in 23 languages, and track customer trends according to languages, data sources, and demographics. You can also get real-time sentiment tracking from live streams.

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