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Most Important Features of Top News Media Monitoring Tools

News media monitoring tools are a crucial component in maintaining and managing your brand image because they tell you what the general public thinks about you. They also tell you the kind of perception news and media publications are putting out there about your organization. Thus the best way to keep a tab on your brand reputation is by using a machine learning platform which has news monitoring tool features powered by sentiment analysis capabilities. This allows you to effectively monitor news sites and feeds, social media platforms, and other sources.

If you do so, you’ll get the insights you need to manage your brand’s reputation effectively and make improvements where necessary. There are many news mining tools available out there. So where do you start? In this post, we’ll look at some important news monitoring tools and key features you should look for in them.

Which Are The Top News Monitoring Tools?

Here are some of the top news monitoring tools for media monitoring.

1. Repustate

Repustate’s news analysis platform gives you the ability to track news sites and feeds, podcasts, broadcasts, print media, and social media platforms. In addition to this, its sentiment analysis platform also offers features like sentiment scoring, social measurement, analytics and reporting, multilingual capabilities, and more. Its rich named entity recognition capability identifies primary entities and extracts them for sentiment analysis. The platform can analyze all formats of data including text, video, audio, and images.

Its video content analysis feature includes the ability to search inside video, and showcases all the sentiment for aspects and features identified in the video data and its comments on the platform’s sentiment analysis dashboard. You can extract sentiment from social media platforms, voice of the customer data, news websites, online magazines, podcasts, and more.

2. Cision Communications

Cision Communication Cloud is also one of the popular news monitoring tools you can use to quickly and easily gather data from news sites and feeds, radio broadcasts, and other forms of online media. In addition to its news monitoring tool features, it also offers features for relationship management, analysis, and reporting. Cision has a dashboard where you see your results.

3. Brandwatch

Brandwatch is probably one of the biggest news monitoring tools on the market today and many companies use it to analyze and manage their online presence. As such, it has the tools these companies need to monitor news sites and news feeds for mentions of their brand and manage their reputation including keyword monitoring and sentiment analysis. Brandwatch is good for enterprises, especially if you need many seats.

4. SentiOne

SentiOne is a social listening platform that allows you to monitor news across a range of social media platforms, news portals, blogs, and forums. It also gives you valuable insights into keyword metrics such as conversation volume, engagement, sentiment analysis, and more. The company is perfect for customer service teams so they can keep a tab on the pros and cons in brand mentions that get highlighted and help you manage your brand reputation in a timely manner.

5. Meltwater

Meltwater offers you extensive news monitoring tool features that allow you to monitor and track news feeds and sites, social media platforms, videos, audio, and more for mentions about your brand. It has a dashboard that gives you results at a glance, and like Repustate gives you any data that has been flagged by an alert created through keywords or other criteria. Meltwater allows you to access media databases and send press releases, so more than a sentiment analysis tool for customer or brand experience, it’s more of a media intelligence platform that allows you to enhance your PR department.

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Which Are The Most Important News Monitoring Tool Features?

When you’re looking for the right news monitoring platform for your company, you should ensure that it has all of these news monitoring tool features which will ensure you the results you need to improve your performance.

Important News Monitoring Tool Features

1. Speed & Accuracy

News monitoring tools help you keep a tab of the market as it changes and evolves at a rapid pace. Doing this manually is ridden with errors and inefficiency, which is why a machine learning tool gives you insights with greater speed and accuracy.

One of the most important news monitoring tool features is semantic search. It has the ability to understand the context of your search which, in turn, means you’ll be able to search all your company’s information quickly and accurately and get the most relevant and actionable results.

3. Live Stream Video Analytics

Considering that most news is provided in real-time or near real-time, it’s vital that your chosen news monitoring tool gives you the ability to analyze live stream video data. In this way, you’ll get the most up-to-date and accurate news sentiment analysis insights.

4. Multilingual Data Analytics

Understandably, not all people using your product will speak the same language. Similarly, not all the mentions of your brand will be in only one language. Thus, for the most accurate sentiment analysis results, it’s critical that news monitoring tools have multilingual data analytics capabilities.

5. Social Media Listening

With social media listening, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into what is said about your brand and its products on social media platforms. This is another one of the most important news monitoring tool features, especially considering that, nowadays, millions of people research and learn about products on social media.

6.Text Overlay & Logo Recognition

It’s important to remember that not all mentions of your brand will involve people mentioning it. In some cases, it could be that they use your product in video or images or place text overlays that contain mentions about your product over digital media. Your news monitoring tool should therefore have the capability to detect brand logos & text overlay and provide insights based on it.

7. Monitoring Podcasts

Considering the vast audiences that podcasts have nowadays and the fact that they’re an extremely popular medium for content distribution, news monitoring tools must have the ability to monitor podcasts for mentions of your brand and related themes. In this way, you’ll be able to extract insights from audio content.

8. Sentiment Analysis

To improve your customer experience, you need to understand how your customers feel about your brand, products, and services. A sentiment analysis API allows you to extract the sentiment from news posts and feeds, social media posts, videos, audio, and even documents. This gives you the insights you need to improve your processes and serve your customers better. Thus the ability to mine sentiments from data is one of the most important news monitoring tool features.

9. Insights Dashboard

The insights you get from monitoring news sites and feeds, social media, and other sources will be of little use if they’re not easily available. As a result, your chosen news monitoring tool should have a sentiment analysis dashboard that allows you to get intuitive, actionable results quickly and easily.

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Explore Repustate’s News Monitoring Solution

News monitoring tools help you automate the task of sieving multiple news sources for important news related to you. They allow you to get timely mentions of your brand across social media and hashtags so you know in near real time what people are saying about you. Whether you are a healthcare provider, educational institution, or sporting event organizer, news monitoring tool features help you understand how your competition is doing compared to you and thus help you in enhancing your customer experience.

You can also track and monitor brand influencers and your own brand ambassadors, and identify issues before they snowball and adversely impact your brand. At the same time you can get key insights into new areas that you can enter to increase your brand footprint and awareness.

Repustate’s all-in-one sentiment analysis solution, Repustate IQ, lets you do all this and more. You can organize your brand mentions by theme, topics, and entities, have the freedom to choose 23 languages, or have all of them on your platform to analyze news from podcasts, video, or text channels. You can leverage digital consumer experience from conversations and online chatter across the web and social channels.

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