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TikTok Analytics For Deeper Audience Insights

TikTok analytics can give you crucial business intelligence directly from your customer base so you can track current market drivers as well as future trends. These in-depth audience insights from TikTok videos and comments are not only time-efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional means of market research but also give you a more scientific way to track brand performance more accurately, and at scale.

Basics Of TikTok Analytics

Before we delve deeper into understanding how to derive in-depth audience insights from TikTok social listening, here is an overview of the basics of TikTok analytics.

You can access TikTok analytics after you have created a professional TikTok account. To do this, you have to follow a few steps.

  1. Switch your profile to a TikTok Pro account. To do this, tap the “Me” button on the App screen and then the horizontal dots on top. Select “Manage Account”. Now switch to your “Pro Account”.
  2. Select “Creator” or “Business”.
  3. You will get a form. Complete the form and tap “Done”.Press the “Me” button on the bottom right of the App screen, then the three horizontal dots at the top right.
  4. Go to “Creator tools”.
  5. Choose TikTok Analytics.

You can view TikTok analytics in three ways - Overview, Content, and Video. A bit more about these.


In this tab, you can see data ranging from 7 to 60 days. There is a custom date range as well. You can get the following metrics from this tab.

  • Total views
  • Total followers
  • Increase or decrease in the number of followers
  • Total profile views
  • Increase or decrease in views


Here you can see data for the past 7 days only. You can see:

  • Total videos posted
  • Total videos currently trending

Note: TikTok analytics for individual videos can be seen in the overview section


In the Video tab, you can get data on videos and their comments. This includes:

  • Number of likes
  • Number of comments
  • Shares
  • Number of users who watched the video and user locations
  • Total number of times the video was played
  • Play time
  • Sources of video traffic

How Do You Derive Deeper Audience Insights From TikTok?

It is important to realize that TikTok analytics from the App will only give you numerical metrics. It does not give you the reasons behind them and does not allow you to analyze the common themes in the comments to understand what your audience is talking about the most. To get accurate audience insights for your marketing and content strategy, you need both quantitative and qualitative metrics.

For this, you need a machine learning (ML)-driven tool developed specifically for TikTok audience analytics.

Let us see how such a tool extracts deeper audience TikTok analytics insights.

Step 1 - Collecting the data

First, we upload the URL of the TikTok video that you want to analyze. This can also be done manually if you have the comments downloaded onto an excel file. The machine learning platform will retrieve all the comments and the video itself for processing.

Note: Model Training. It is important to note that it is preferred to choose a model that is based on your industry. For this, the ML model for TikTok analytics is trained with relevant training data based on your industry (retail, hospitality, banking, etc). This process is repeated until the model gives optimal results. When you use a customized aspect model like this, the results are more accurate and precise.

Step 2 - Processing the data

The data is now processed by machine learning algorithms using different ML tasks such as native natural language processing (NLP) and social video content analysis (VCA) to extract all data for analysis in the next step. The model applies the following techniques for this.

  • Audio analysis- All audio data from the videos are transcribed and turned into text
  • Caption extraction - Any captions present in the videos are extracted so that the text in them can be processed along with the other text data.
  • Text analysis - All video comments are retrieved along with any emojis and hashtags. Repustate’s TikTok analytics for audience insights can understand emojis in the context of the comment and ascertain whether it’s in a positive or negative context. These are all set in the pipeline for text analysis.

Step 3 - Analyzing the data

This step comprises the following:

  • Multilingual data analysis - A native speech tagger is used for every language that you are processing. Repustate’s part-of-speech taggers are built for 23 languages, which means that there is no translation required. Native language models ensure that you get more accurate TikTok analytics insights as the comments are analyzed for sentiment directly in the language.

  • Custom tagging - Custom tags are created for aspects and themes that are found in the TikTok data. This helps the model automatically segregate text based on these custom-created tags.

  • Topic Classification - The topic classifier attaches a theme to a text such as price, food, convenience, etc.

  • Sentiment Analysis - The sentiment analysis API analyzes each topic, aspect and theme found in the data for audience sentiment, thus being able to give you an overall score as well as individual sentiment scores. The maximum sentiment score is 100 and the minimum is 1.

Step 4 - Data visualization

All TikTok analytics insights are now presented on a customer experience dashboard in the form of simple graphs and charts. You can also set alerts for any spike in mentions, based on hashtags, or keywords.

How Are TikTok Analytics Used For Brand Experience?

TikTok audience analytics can help in understanding Brand experience in following ways:

1. Fast and efficient

TikTok analytics can be used as a fast and efficient method to conduct market research for your brand experience. Compared to traditional market research techniques that can take up to 3 months, you can get TikTok audience insights within minutes.

2. Wider, more varied data

Because social media users tend to be across the globe, demographics, and age groups, and can be sorted according to myriad different likes and dislikes, the data is more varied and diverse than any other source.

3. Build brand engagement

Analytics from TikTok can help you analyse brand experience to build better brand engagement ideas and strategies that are result-oriented.

4. Get in-depth customer insights

You can get very granular insights about your customers based on different criteria through TikTok metrics. The ML model can extract valuable information from comments and give you the common themes and topics emerging in them.

5. Product improvements

You can get crucial insights on how to improve your products even as people take to TikTok to complain or praise your product and related areas such as delivery, packaging, price, and others. Learn more about customer feedback analysis.

6. Leverage Influencer marketing

TikTok for business allows you many benefits. You can leverage Influencers to make sure that you are ahead of the game. Learn more about finding TikTok influencers.

7. Cost-efficient

Just like using Influencers is more cost-effective than other forms of marketing featuring celebrity endorsements, TikTok analytics also is a very cost-efficient way to perform market research for more informed decision-making.

8. Track brand performance

You can measure and track your brand performance through not only quantitative metrics from TikTok but also from the qualitative analytics that comments analysis can provide.

9. Analyze competitors

Repustate’s state-of-the-art NER capability ensures that you get in-depth competitor analysis so you can ascertain where your competitors are going in the right direction and what you can do if you are lagging behind.

10. Develop creatively engaging content

TikTok analytics can tell you what kind of content gets the most positive sentiment from your audience. Comments analysis can tell you what more you can do to enhance the creativity of your content and what changes you can make to make it more relatable.

11. Attract new customers

TikTok insights can help you figure out how you can expand your market and what it takes to reach out to these new audiences. Even environmental activists are taking to TikTok to create awareness about green initiatives and climate change.

12. Better customer relationships

Social media has allowed brands to connect directly with customers like never before. TikTok analytics can give you fine-grained customer experience analysis insights so you can build more meaningful relationships with your customers.

13. Data-driven marketing strategies

Marketing strategies can only give you profitable results based on accurate data. Machine learning allows you to get these precise insights, which you can leverage to build marketing strategies that will give you improved ROI.

14. Track emerging trends.

Importantly, TikTok analytics can give you critical insights into what the hot new emerging topics and trends are in the market so you can prepare for them and leverage them to your advantage.

Examples of TikTok Audience Insights

Let’s look at two very popular industries for examples of how TikTok analytics can help in gathering deeper audience insights.

1. Clothing Retailer - Abercrombie & Fitch

Clothing retail is a dynamic industry that is extremely competitive. It has been a struggle for many clothing companies to remain afloat because of high competition and fickle customers spoilt for choice. Many companies like Zara have chosen to have more online stores while closing down physical stores, whilst others like H&M have shifted their focus to using sustainable and renewable materials as product differentiators.

Among these is Abercrombie & Fitch.

Even though it was the go-to clothing brand for millennials, the retailer is leveraging TikTok to do all it can to attract GenZ customers in order to remain in demand. And it’s succeeding in it too, with its latest earnings reported for Q4 2021 “being its best social-selling quarter ever” as the retailer puts it.

Read how Repustate helped Abercrombie & Fitch capture new markets and regain its claim to the top with TikTok analytics for audience insights. Go to the Customer Success Story.

2. Quick Service Restaurants - McDonald’s

TikTok analytics insights can give you a peek into what customers want from you and what hot new trends are picking up in the market. Knowing what is the future of your business gives you an advantage like no other to prepare for future offerings and opportunities so you can have a sustainable business.

When we analyzed a trending TikTok video for McDonald’s logo, we found these exact future opportunities in the comments. See how TikTok analytics can be a game-changer for your business. Read all the details here.


Even though naysayers never considered TikTok to be a serious channel that could be used as a successful marketing tool, the platform is here to stay and flourish even more. There is hardly any industry or business that does not have a professional TikTok account. And considering that TikTok has more than 1 billion active users, it’s not surprising.

Imagine what you can do with the insights you can get by harnessing this humungous database. At the very least, you can increase your brand awareness, better relationship with existing customers, and reduce your spend on market research.

You could also widen your net and explore Instagram social listening or Youtube video analysis for more social media-driven marketing strategies.

Machine learning is the future of business intelligence. Use it to your advantage.

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