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Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Why Use Social Media Sentiment Analysis?

Social media sentiment analysis gives you insights far more detailed than just the number of likes, comments, and shares of your posts. It allows you to gather and analyze comments from the public and see if they are positive or negative. Just because your post or video has garnered a high number of impressions, views and comments, it may not mean that they all are positive, or vice versa. More than half of the 400,000 comments on your posts could be against your brand or completely unrelated to the post itself.

Without sentiment analysis of these impressions, there is no way a brand can know where they stand in the public eye just with empty metrics of number of likes and comments. A social media sentiment analysis tool that can objectively and precisely analyze emojis, hashtags, comments, and even video content through video AI, will give you the exact picture of your social media performance brand metrics.

IF7 - Customer Success Story

IF7 is a New York-based marketing agency that helps companies create digital-revenue related strategies on social media and other digital forums, catered around Gen Z. IF7 works with prominent brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Tinder, Prime Video, AT&T, P&G, Coca Cola, and leverages podcasts, influencer marketing, and social media content to give brands the maximum exposure possible. The client needed a social media sentiment analysis platform that could give them brand insights from prominent GenX channels including TikTok so they could use them to create targeted, result-driven digital marketing tactics for their clients.

Repustate provided IF7 with a customer experience sentiment analysis solution that was crafted for social media listening and powered by video AI. The solution offers aspect-based sentiment analysis for all the social content on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Live, and other social channels. Each video (and its comments) is analyzed, classified, and categorized into different aspects and then analyzed for sentiment. The solution picks up on all the key words and phrases target audiences use in their social conversations, including hashtags, social media acronyms and jargon, as well as emojis, to give a holistic view of the actual reasons behind numerical metrics consisting of the number of likes, shares, and posts.

In Harvey Block's words (co-founder and CEO of IF7),

"Understanding the secondary conversation happening amongst our audience is of critical importance - being able to marry things like vanity metrics with deeper analysis around sentiment provides exactly the comprehensive picture we were looking for. Repustate impressed us not only in their ability to understand that intersection, but most importantly being able to communicate, synthesize and package that data for us in a digestible and meaningful way."