Automatic semantic analysis

Deep Search automatically annotates your data with semantic information, including relevant entities, topics and entity-specific metadata. No training required, Repustate's Deep Search comes ready out of the box - and it works in 17 languages.

Hidden insights brought to the surface

Search any and all metadata associated with any given entity that Repustate finds. Search by market cap or industry type for businesses, or search by nationality and gender for politicians. Over 100 metadata properties can be searched - and all automatically determined by Repustate's Deep Search.

Construct powerful queries

Deep Search comes with a powerful, yet simple, query language that allows you to find exactly the data you want in any language you want. It doesn't matter if your documents are in English, Arabic or Chinese, Deep Search is smart enough to query in one language and return results in other languages.

deep search backends supported

Bring Deep Search to your data

Available via Repustate's public cloud API or as on-premise install, Deep Search can be wherever you need it to be. All major operating systems are supported and the most popular databases are supported. Deep Search integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack.

Get up and running in seconds

The Deep Search API is so simple, you'll be able to index your data in no time. Client libraries are available in all popular languages - or just use pure HTTP.

Take a tour of Deep Search
>>> from repustate import Client
>>> client = Client(api_key='YOUR_API_KEY')
>>> client.add_document(text="Going to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower!")
DocId:1 - added
>>> client.add_document(text="El Gran Cañón fue increíble", lang='es')
DocId:2 - added
>>>" lang:es")

We're not quite ready to let everyone use the Deep Search API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deep Search a replacement for Google?
No - Deep Search requires you to BYOD (Bring Your Own Data). You provide the data you're interested in searching and then Deep Search semantically indexes it.
How much does Deep Search cost?
Deep Search is priced according to volume of data indexed. Every time you index a document, that counts against your API quota. For quotas and prices visit the Repustate Pricing page.
Is there a limit to how big a document can be?
Yes, Deep Search documents cannot be bigger than 5MB in size
Which languages does Deep Search work with?
Deep Search understands Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, and Vietnamese
Can Deep Search support language X?
Adding new languages is a very expensive and time consuming process. We take pride in our language models and take great care to get things right. With that said, if there's a language you'd like, please ask us and we'll consider bumping it up in priority.