Position: Intermediate/Senior Go developer
Experience: Minimum 3 years with Go
Compensation: 100K+
Description: We're looking for a developer to come work on Deep Search, our new flagship product. Deep Search is a semantic search engine which combines machine learning with a knowledge graph to create an intuitive, powerful search engine for text. It is available both as a cloud offering and an on-premise installation. Deep Search is a combination of Go and C++ with a little bit of Python for populating the knowledge graph.

Your responsibilities will include:

* Updating the entity models for each language to add new entities
* Writing new drivers to connect Deep Search to different backend data stores (e.g. Splunk, DynamoDB, Salesforce). We use the term "driver" here loosely - we have a Go interface that each driver must implement. You'd be implementing that interface for every new backend that we want to add.
* Creating a cross-platform command line tool so developers can query Deep Search from the command line
* Implementing new features (e.g. semantic similarity search) and fixing any bugs based on customer feedback

Our development process is pretty standard involving creating feature branches, issuing pull requests and merging to master. We utilize Drone for CI.

You can work from home or in the office, as you see fit, but office presence may be required initially during the ramp up and onboarding process.

The best way to apply is sending an email to jobs@repustate.com stating:

1) Why you're applying and
2) Code samples in Go

Without code samples in Go we can't consider your application. This position requires immediate productivity so unfortunately we don't have the resources to train or mentor a developer not familiar with Go.