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Instant TikTok sentiment analysis in multiple languages.

Repustate's all-in-one sentiment analysis platform gives you unmatched brand insights across all TikTok content.

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Fast & accurate TikTok sentiment analysis

Turn any TikTok video into actionable brand insights instantly - no coding required. Repustate gives you sentiment analysis of any TikTok video plus its comments in over 20 languages all in one easy to use dashboard.


Search across all TikTok videos

Search across all TikTok videos by username, hashtag, keyword or even specific video.


Sentiment analysis on each TikTok video

Repustate performs sentiment analysis on each video found in your search by first converting the audio into a transcript and then analyzing that transcript for sentiment.


Sentiment analysis on every TikTok comment

Each TikTok comment is also analyzed for sentiment and key topics.


Quick and easy reporting

Sentiment results are quickly displayed in Repustate IQ providing instant brand insights.