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TikTok and Instagram Analytics: A Guide for Marketing Agencies

As a digital marketing agency, you need to nail how to use social listening to ensure that your clients have the best chance of beating their competitors and reaching the right audience. You need to have the most in-depth insights so you can strategically use social media platforms to generate organic traffic targeting a wide audience set with the best possible engagement tactics.

In this article, we discuss how marketing agencies as yourself can specifically leverage TikTok and Instagram to generate organic traffic and boost your brand campaigns.

Why TikTok and Instagram?

As marketing agencies, you need to know how to use social listening in the most efficient manner so that you can build your brand campaigns and manage user engagement for your clients’ social media accounts effectively. You want to get the most out of the investment assigned for your projects and the best way to do this is to target the channels that give you the most results.

The best bet to get the right attention from social media users, especially Gen X, are TikTok and Instagram. Statistics show that users spend 342 seconds on TikTok mobile viewing, compared to 259 seconds on Facebook, which comes in second. Thus, with regard to user engagement, TikTok, by far, is the most popular, with the longest average in-app engagement per session.

Similarly, users spend an average of 53 minutes on Instagram every day. About 70% of these people are under the age of 35. Additionally, an average Insta post has at least 10 hashtags. This allows you enough data to learn more about your audiences, their motivations, user profiles, likes and dislikes, as well as how your TikTok or Instagram campaign can complement your other digital campaigns.

How To Use Social Listening For TikTok & Instagram Analytics?

TikTok and Instagram analytics can help marketing agencies identify and attract ideal target audiences, which can help you prioritize marketing spend. It can help you discover sentiments in hashtags, comments, and videos so you have data-backed insights that can supercharge your marketing campaigns.

Let’s see further how to use social listening for TikTok and Instagram to supercharge social media campaigns.

1. Understand your audience

It is very important to know and understand your ideal user base so that you can make the right strategies to meet your objectives. A machine learning-driven social media sentiment analysis platform can tell you what the similarities and differences in your target audience are, what motivates them, what their demographics are, and more. This helps you develop the most effective ads and creatives.

2. Discover consumer trends

The AI platform discovers trends in consumer preferences by giving you sentiment scores based on timelines. You can check the change in sentiment trend to see if your campaigns are resonating with your audience or not and do an A-B testing to see which marketing strategy works best for which audience set.

3. Develop compelling marketing strategies

The ML platform can tell you how to use social listening in the best possible manner to get optimum results so that you can create the most compelling strategies. You need to ask yourself what exactly you want from your campaigns. Are you looking for more sales conversions, generating awareness, or organic reach? You can use TikTok insights from a social media analytics tool to give you the right directions for each of these scenarios. The same goes for Instagram.

4. Give clients data-backed insights

As a marketing agency, your foremost aim is to meet the needs of your clients. But clients too, many a time, need more clarity and guidance as to the best way in which they can meet their marketing goals for increased revenue. You can use an AI-lead social media listening tool to give you accurate customer experience analysis, which can help you offer your clients the right suggestions for digital campaigns that you can then drive.

5. Prioritize marketing spend

Marketing budgets need to be justified. A social video content analysis platform can help you decide how you can use your budget in the most efficient manner. Social insights from TikTok and Instagram can tell you how you can leverage organic and paid content, what content will get the most engagement, and how much you need to depend on influencer marketing. Learn more about finding TikTok influencers.

6. Reach wider audiences

TikTok and Instagram were considered to be used mainly by GenX but the platforms have evolved and so have the audience. There is a wide range of content available on both platforms including workout videos, recipes, music instructions, mental health and safety videos, movie clips, and much more. This user group has further widened due to the availability and access of TikTok and Instagram videos on Facebook. A social media listening analytics tool gives you the ability to tap into this growing audience and leverage it for brand awareness campaigns.

7. Measure campaign success

With the right social analytics tool, you can know how to use social listening to your advantage and overtake your competitors in the space. You can measure how successful your campaigns are in real-time through video sentiment analysis and make adjustments needed to your brand campaigns in a timely manner.

8. Track influencer marketing campaigns

Influencer marketing is one of the biggest ways that a brand can reach a broad audience and get more ROI from their marketing spend. A social marketing analytics tool for TikTok and Instagram can tell you which influencers are the best for your clients and help you keep a track of social mentions, hashtags, and comments so you can be sure that they are adhering to brand guidelines.

Learn all the details about Instagram sentiment analysis for social campaigns.

Know more on how to use social listening for TikTok campaigns.

Data Formats You Can Extract TikTok And Instagram Insights From

1. Text in posts and comments You can collect all the text data in TikTok and Instagram posts, as well the comments accompanying them and the videos. Repustate’s social media listening platform also analyzes emojis for the most accurate analysis of comments. People sometimes make sarcastic comments and the use of an emoji can distinguish a sarcastic comment from a positive one thus avoiding false positives and negatives.

2. Hashtags.

You can use hashtags to gather useful information for TikTok and Instagram analytics. Hashtags are particularly useful because they can give you 22 different data points just from a single hashtag. And as mentioned earlier, the average hashtag on an Instagram post is around ten. You can either input the hashtag you are looking for directly in the social listening platform dashboard or you can scrape the data and upload the output in JSON format.

3. Video Data

You can extract relevant and key Instagram data from long-form videos on IGTV, posts, and Instagram reels. Similarly, you can gather videos from TikTok either individually, or from hashtags. Thus, the social listening platform lets you extract intelligence even from videos that have disabled comments as you explore how to use social listening and leverage consumer insights.

How Do You Get TikTok and Instagram Analytics For Social Marketing?

A social media analytics platform extracts insights from TikTok and Instagram through a methodical social listening process, which is as follows.

Step 1 - Audio transcription The audio in TikTok and Instagram videos is first converted into text through speech-to-text software. You can use scrapers like Instascrape to scrape Instagram videos, use hashtags for a set of TikTok or Insta videos, or even use a single video by inputting the video link in the user dashboard.

Step 2. Extract caption overlays Any captions appearing in the videos are extracted and analyzed for the presence of text, which is then gathered for text and sentiment analysis at a later stage. Step 3. Image recognition The video analysis tool then scans the videos, frame by frame, and searches for any logos or relevant images as defined by you. These could be your brand or even your competitors’. An analysis like this gives you a comparative analysis as to which and why certain brands were mentioned in relation to you.

Step 4. Text extraction All comments including hashtags, emojis, gifs, etc, in the videos are processed by the text analytics API.

Step 5 - Sentiment analysis Now that all the data is extracted from the videos, it is processed for sentiment analysis. In this stage, the sentiment analysis API categorizes all topics, themes, and aspects, and gives the most granular aspect-based sentiment scores.

Step 6 - Visualization The TikTok and Instagram analytics platform collects all the insights thus gathered in the above steps and projects them onto a customer experience dashboard in the form of graphs and charts. You can see insights such as sentiment trends, aspect co-occurrence, aspect-emotion co-occurrence, and more.

Learn more about the social listening process.


Repustate’s AI-driven sentiment analysis platform, Repustate IQ, gives you relevant, high-precision customer and market insights quickly and effectively. You can get instant social media listening from a variety of different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Douyin, and others.

Once trained to your specific needs, the platform tells you how to use social listening and turn videos and comments into actionable reports that are easy for everyone to understand. You can set alerts for hashtags and mentions, or customize entities to your requirements, all without having to code.

Read This Customer Success Story and see how Repustate helped a New York-based marketing & advertising agency harness TikTok insights for clients such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Tinder, AT&T, Amazon Prime, and others.

Repusate’s social media analysis platform is available as an op-prem solution or as a cloud-based API.

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