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Employee Experience Analytics Case Study

Why is Employee Experience Analytics important?

Employee Experience (EX) analytics allows organizations to build a powerful internal ecosystem powered by the voice of the employee (VoE). It allows a company to:

  • Create a nurturing work culture built on trust
  • Check employee satisfaction levels throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Identify factors that lead to high employee turnover
  • Create meaningful strategies to improve managerial efficiency
  • Develop strategies for higher employee engagement
  • Identify areas that employees find unproductive
  • Develop better time and workflow management; and much more

A great EX platform allows you to build an effective employee experience strategy by helping you analyze employee feedback data across all formats - text, audio, and video.

Nutanix Customer Success Story

Nutanix is a leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions. They wanted to analyze and monitor their employee engagement and satisfaction levels to develop better employee experience strategies. The client wanted a customized machine learning platform to fit their EX analytics needs seamlessly.

Repustate created a custom EX model for Nutanix using machine learning and semantic clustering. The model is used to assess 6,100 employees globally for performance, skills evaluation, management potential, and promotion. The client uses these insights for segmented targeting to improve employee acquisition, retention, and productivity.

The model's highly-customizable EX sentiment analysis dashboard also offers Nutanix the flexibility to add or remove aspects, adjust aspect filters, derive insights from aspect-emotion cooccurrences, set alerts, and several other advanced features.