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Hospitality Industry Sentiment Analysis

Why Is Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis Important In The Hospitality Industry?

Customer interactions are the core of the hospitality industry, and thereby, customer experience is of the highest importance in the sector. Star ratings don’t tell the complete picture because while some customers may give a 4-star rating for a modest experience, others may be quite finicky and give a 2-star rating just because they were dissatisfied with one aspect of a hotel’s service, which in their mind superseded everything else.

Only an in-depth analysis of customer comments and feedback through sentiment mining can lay bare the details of what an establishment in the hospitality industry can do to enhance their customer experience index and so, their popularity and profitability. This is achieved by aspect-based sentiment analysis.

Travel Media Group - Customer Success Story

In the hospitality industry for over 30 years, Travel Media Group ensures that hotels get a competitive edge through strategic digital marketing to attract a high number of guests. With more and more user-generated reviews and videos on Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and other social channels, as well as review forums, the customer felt an urgent need to overhaul their legacy system. They wanted to improve their workflow, and easily manage the reputation data that comprised millions of reviews.

Repustate provided Travel Media Group with a highly customized and agile, aspect-based sentiment analysis solution to meet their challenges. The model could analyze all social media listening data including colloquial words and phrases, code switches, industry jargon, emojis, hashtags, and the like. The sentiment analysis model's rich named entity recognition (NER) capability helped it identify and discover topics, themes, and aspects in the data gathered from various online sources, thus also enriching the customer’s metadata.

Jason Lee, Vice President of Product Development & Technology, says:

"Guest experience insights are very important to us because that is the very foundation of our organization. We need these insights to build strategic marketing solutions for our clients. Repustate was able to give us accurate, intelligent insights gathered from customer comments and videos across social media and other sources through their AI-based sentiment analysis platform. These findings have helped us further excel in empowering hotels to amplify their brand reputation and be ahead of the competition."