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A few months ago we began a task of migrating our Arabic sentiment analysis engine from a Python/Cython implementation to a Go implementation. The reason: speed. Go makes asynchronous programming and concurrency a cinch to use and that’s where we were able to realize some crazy speed boosts.

Our English language sentiment analysis engine can analyze about 500 documents / second. Our Arabic sentiment engine, in Python, did about 2 documents / second. As a result, we never allowed our customers to use our bulk sentiment API call with Arabic text because it would be too slow. Until now.

Now that our engine is in Go, we’ve opened up bulk scoring in Arabic for everyone. You can now score 100 Arabic documents per API call. We’ll gradually increase the limit as time goes on - we’re just testing the waters for now.

We believe our solution was already the most accurate Arabic sentiment analysis engine available - now we’re quite sure we have the fastest one out there, too.