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A lot of interesting things … and some not so interesting things.

I’ve been reading a lot of Facebook status updates over the past week or two, trying to get a good grip on the kinds of things people talk about on Facebook and how Repustate can leverage this avalanche of data. While there’s a lot of useful nuggets of information, there’s a lot of nonsense. Here’s a quick summary generate by using social media listening tool, for those who don’t want to read thousands of other people’s status messages:

  • lof of people (presumably younger ones) hate either their lives, or their moms or both. They also can’t see how their life could be any worse than it already is.
  • A lot of people pray to God/Jesus/Jebus for all sorts of things including: doing well on a test, good weather, and for a boy/girl to reciprocate their feelings
  • Playing off the same religious theme (and people on Facebook sure are preachy!) many people took part in some viral meme where they “Wish Heaven had a phone” so they could send a message to a loved one whose passed. In fact, of 200K Facebook messages analyzed, more than 9K wished Heaven had a phone. Perhaps AT&T is missing out on a huge new customer base.
  • Many male users are fed up with their female counterparts abusing their financial generosity. Of course, they don’t state it in such terms, but that’s the gist of things.
  • Many female users are fed up with being emotionally abused and “played” by their male counterparts.
  • And a alarmingly large number of people have tried to sell their younger siblings on Facebook (e.g. Does anybody want to buy my younger brother? He’s so annoying!!!!1111)

There you have it. I have scoured the depths of social networking and filtered out the noise so you don’t have to.