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We’re excited to be introducing the latest version of the Repustate Text Analytics API, version 4.

The new version launches June 1, 2018. This new version brings new API calls for Semantic Search, our state of the art semantic search engine, as well as new API calls for entity recognition. While v4 is mostly about the new API calls being added, some changes are being made to existing API calls. The current version of the API, v3, will be deprecated on December 31, 2018. To make sure your code works with v4, please make note of the following backwargs incompatible changes:

  1. The response format for bulk sentiment (bulk-sentiment.json) has changed. You will now get a map called results where the keys are the text IDs you passed in verbatim and the values are the numeric sentiment scores

  2. The response format for entity recognition (entities.json) has changed completely. Rather than summarize all changes, please consult the v4 documentation. It’s a big change.

New API calls being introduced in v4 are:

  1. New API calls to add/list/delete your own custom entities in any language you want. These entities will be added to your own customized Deep Search language model and will be private only to you.

  2. New Deep Search API calls to add/delete/search for any document via the Deep Search language. More information about this set of API calls will be released once Deep Search is available for public release.