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Text Mining Google & Amazon Reviews for Customer Experience Insights

Text mining customer reviews to analyze customer experience is vital to staying in tune with the needs of your buyers and clients. Without sentiment analysis-powered social media listening and review analysis, even the most advanced enterprises are essentially flying blind. That’s an oftentimes ill-advised way to shape a growth strategy.

To avoid costly mistakes from happening, you and your customer base need to be on the same page. You need to find a way to best lock in customer loyalty, cement a positive brand experience, and automate your customer experience analysis strategy. Text mining customer reviews is a fantastic place to begin.

Why Are Reviews Important For Improving Customer Experience?

As any leading business mind will tell you, customer reviews aren’t just a way for buyers and clients to rate their brand experience with you for one another’s benefit. That transparency is fantastic, yet it’s actually only half of the story.

There are several reasons why customer reviews add powerful motivators to the way in which you intend to grow your business – and it’s why text mining customer reviews can provide such profound insight into your organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

Consider these examples as to why sentiment analysis of reviews is so vital to business growth:

  • Product differentiation. Let your customers tell you what you do versus your competitors. Can you differentiate enough to convert more business
  • Customer preferences. Are your products and services meeting the expectations of those using them?
  • Market trends. What world events, pop culture trends, or headlines in the media are affecting the confidence and inclinations of your customers?
  • Cost analysis. Is your marketing missing the mark, or are your lead times leaving customers in the cold? Could you reinvest elsewhere to improve that?
  • Effective marketing ideas. By text mining customer reviews, you can get an at-scale snapshot of buyers’ sentiments and tailor your marketing strategy to far more effectively sustain the retention of customer loyalty.

Advantages Of The Voice of The Customer

The benefits of the voice of the customer are among your most powerful assets. Using these insights – and unlocking them by text mining customer reviews – positions you to recognize where your business is getting things right.

However, you also have the chance to consider and mobilize towards improvements where there are notable shortcomings. This could be:

  • an overall broad stroke improvement to services;
  • a more innovative product range;
  • a more effective brand management strategy;
  • Or, a more cost-effective and impactful marketing.

The end goal is growth, increased customer loyalty retention, and longevity in clients choosing to do business with you long-term. These are advantages well worth pursuing and sustaining – a task made that much simpler through text mining customer reviews for the rich detail of their sentimental content.

How Can You Mine Text From Google And Amazon Reviews?

As more organizations realize the advantages of text mining customer reviews, they are turning to titans amongst review platforms for relevant answers. Among these, Amazon review analysis unlocks fantastic insights into customer purchasing habits and the goals for the products they choose. Meanwhile, a good Google review analyser is perfect for identifying customers’ perspectives on their overall brand experience.

Understanding the processes of text analysis will enable you to obtain the greatest value when you’re text mining customer reviews. This process includes:

Step1: Collection of relevant data in terms of Google and Amazon reviews

Step 2: Processing this data through machine learning tasks such as natural language processing, social video content analysis, and semantic clustering.

Step 3: Analyzing the processed data for sentiment analysis of customer intent.

Step 4: Understanding the results on an insights dashboard.

While text analysis and the overall collection and collation of customer review data is an obvious part of the process, it’s far more important that text mining customer reviews can provide you with tangible and actionable insights.

To that end, the process of industry-leading sentiment analysis is able to attribute scores to the analysis of your customers’ reviews at scale. From that data, a text analysis dashboard turns these insights into visual metrics.

That same text analysis dashboard will prove vital when you decide to move ahead with the strategies and refinements you’ve unlocked by text mining customer reviews.

5 Smart Ways To Get More Customer Reviews

Leveraging social media listening or having sentiment analysis insight into the value of text mining customer reviews won’t do much for a business sorely lacking in reviews, to begin with. Amazon review analysis relies on a broad range of customer reviews to scrutinize – and likewise, a Google review analyzer needs plenty of data to provide value.

Fortunately, encouraging customers to leave reviews for your later text analysis is getting easier all the time. Here are a few quick, actionable ideas.

  1. Customer experience. Most obviously, providing an outstanding customer experience that excels on all counts is the single quickest way to win a positive review, be that on Google or Amazon.
  2. Be proactive. Encourage customers to leave product reviews via your social media marketing or newsletter emails.
  3. Follow-up. Email customers following purchases to enquire how satisfied they were with the purchase, and to leave a review describing their customer and brand experience.
  4. Get feedback about your competitors. Communicate with customers who also shop with your competitors, or overall in your industry. This is not only a way of marketing directly, but their customer reviews can directly describe how your products and services stand up against their favorites.
  5. Explore top reviewers. Reach out to influencers or top-rated Amazon and Google reviewers. Google Maps Local Guides, for example, are trusted to give honest insights into places and venues – while top-rated Amazon reviewers are one of the greatest conversion incentives other buyers ever meet.


Advances in improving business operations and more effectively, deploying compelling marketing strategies are being put into action all the time. Yet, for as much as any business focuses on SEO or KPI-based enterprise growth, customer experience analysis remains the central pillar of how best to grow in a sustainable fashion. Text mining customer reviews are an incredible tool in this regard.

Repustate’s text mining platform for customer reviews unlocks powerful insights that propel how you strategize and market your products. You can develop new ways of improving services and procedures internally, as well as find inspiration towards strategies for differentiation and customer loyalty retention that will shape your enterprise definitively for the better.

Customer reviews aren’t simply for buyers to tell other potential buyers what they think of your goods and brand experience. In the right hands, text mining customer reviews means crowdsourcing the future vision of your entire operation – informed by the people who matter to your business the most.