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TikTok Analytics with Video AI For Metrics Beyond Numbers

In this article, we talk about how you can get real TikTok analytics insights from your video content that goes beyond vanity metrics of shares, likes, and number of followers. For a digital marketer, or even an entrepreneur, whose key performance area is ensuring that the marketing pipeline is always on the upward trajectory, TikTok analysis with video AI is your ultimate bet.

You need a TikTok analytics tool that goes beyond the numbers of public mentions, hashtags, or followers. Get sentiment-driven insights on “why” your content is getting impressions, understand the reason behind follower demographics, and so much more. Read on to know more.

TikTok Analytics - Process Overview

The TikTok App and other tools can easily give you information about how many followers you have, the average watch-time of your videos, at what time-stamp was the video paused, web traffic location, and such.

But as a digital marketer and decision-maker, you need to ask yourself, do those numbers provide you with any real insights? Apart from sounding good in the executive summary that you provide in your weekly meetings, are those metrics of any genuine use to you? Do they help you in your strategy for business growth and brand amplification?

To understand this subject better, let’s look at the typical TikTok analytics process and the information it provides. To begin with, you need to create a professional account with TikTok.

  1. To view your TikTok analytics, switch your profile to a TikTok Pro account. (You can do this by tapping the Me button on the bottom right of the App screen; then tapping the horizontal dots on top; and finally, selecting “Manage Account” and switch to your “Pro Account”.

  2. Once you have done this, select Creator or Business.

  3. Complete the form of the account type you selected and tap Done.

  4. Now Press the Me button at the bottom right on the TiTok App.

  5. Tap the three horizontal dots at the top right; navigate to Creator tools and choose TikTok Analytics.

Below are the details of the metrics for your profile.

Analytics> Overview

In the Overview tab, you can see data ranging from 7 days to 60 days as well as a custom date range. You can get metrics on:

  • Total number of views

  • Total number of followers

  • Increase or decrease in the total number of followers

  • Total number of profile views

  • Increase or decrease in the total number of views.


In this tab, you will get data for the past 7 days. Numbers are on:

  • Total number of videos posted

  • Total number of videos currently trending

  • Specific analytics for each video as mentioned above in the overview section


  • Here you will get data on videos. Numbers include:

  • Total number of times the video was played

  • Total number of likes

  • Total number of comments

  • Total shares

  • Total number of users who watched your video and locations

  • Playtime and average number of times it was watched

  • Sources of the video’s traffic

TikTok analytics from the App or other tools, gives you all the numbers that you can seek, but they are all dry metrics without any reasoning behind them that you can use for future planning or growth. They only help you maintain the status quo. This is precisely the reason you need a social media analytics tool with an inbuilt sentiment analyzer, made especially for video analytics.

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Why Do You Need TikTok Analytics with Video AI?

TikTok analytics with video AI gives you deep insights into the reasons why your video is working or not. Through sentiment analysis of your videos, you get a peek into future trends that can disrupt the market. You get to know the real reason why your video lost viewership even though it had all the right buzzwords. Or what exactly were the keywords in those videos that prompted a spike in comments. When you have hundreds of videos to analyze, an AI algorithm with video analytics gives you accurate data, efficiently.

With TikTok analytics embedded with video content analysis (VCA), you don’t have to take a stab in the dark and keep repeating AB testing for every new campaign. You save effort, time, money, and resources by having at hand insights on what the main themes in the thousands of videos and comments are, what do clusters of your followers have in common, and how you can leverage that, and several other intricate details like these.

How Does TikTok Analytics For Videos Go Beyond Numbers?

As we saw above in the TikTok analytics process, there is no way for you to know what the sentiments behind the views are. Your numbers are doing great, yes, but how can you predict sales, or new marketing trends, for that matter? Numbers can only tell you how your current content is performing, but are you prepared for a sudden change in trends caused by slowly building consumer sentiment? At scale, how will you find that needle in the proverbial haystack of thousands of videos, if you had to do a competitor analysis?

Let us see how a tool for TikTok analysis with video AI tackles these challenges.

1. Analyze brand and product mentions in audio

The TikTok analytics tool, powered by video AI, analyzes videos for brand and product mentions by capturing the audio. It transcribes all audio into text first, while its natural language processing algorithm scans the entire text for any brands that you have input as key. When this data is gathered, through its text analytics API, the platform can give you information about how many brands or products other than you were mentioned in the videos. You could again study this data to understand whether these are competitive, or complementary brands. This is very useful information you can use to formulate strategies to either have partnerships or to plan product/service enhancements.

2. Capture text overlay on videos for insights

TikTok videos, or for that matter, YouTube videos and other user-generated videos including brand marketing content have text overlays. These could be to propound key themes or products being referred to in the brand, or social media memes that signify public sentiments in user-generated ones. A TikTok analytics tool powered by video content analysis can extract this data. This kind of information is extremely valuable when launching a new marketing directive with new branding initiatives or when broadcasting a new advertising campaign or product. This is so because it gives you an opportunity to gauge the probability of its success or struggle.

3. Identify logos and brand names in videos

TikTok analytics metrics, when given by generic, number-driven social media tools, don’t give you any indication of other brand logos that may be appearing in the video’s background, or if other brand names are being mentioned in either your videos or user-generated video content by your followers or influencers associated with you. Knowing whether these brands are competitor brands, or in what context these are present in the videos can give you a lot of insight into how your digital strategy is performing and where you should be paying attention. A VCA enabled TikTok analytics tool identifies these logos, even if they appear on the clothes someone is wearing in the video. And it does it all through video AI.

4. Avoid PR disasters

Knowing exactly why your videos are getting the hits they are, what is the public opinion about your videos, what is the common theme in the comments, are they positive or negative, at what point is that video getting the most attention - are all extremely important for a digital marketer. This information is crucial for making sure that the spikes in your mentions, and the hits on your videos, are for the right reasons. You can avoid unnecessary PR issues caused by a misunderstanding or because you were too late to catch up on the issues that were making your customer unhappy, leading it to snowball into a PR crisis.

5. Monitor specific hashtags

It is of great importance to be able to monitor hashtags to know the sentiment around specific hashtags, especially if they appear in higher frequency. When you are able to analyze the hashtags, you can also, as a result, have more context to analyze the post that was tagged by that particular hashtag, and why. The customer sentiment dashboard gives you an indicator of what’s working in the market, and what’s not, as well as the context in which your post is taken, and whether that is a good thing for your brand or not.

6. Trend analysis with sentiment

Your social media or TikTok analytics tools can tell you how many views your videos got, but does it tell you whether it was for good publicity or bad? Most brands do not believe in the “all publicity is good publicity” philosophy. Companies prefer never to get negative publicity, and to at all costs avoid anything that affects them so. It is for this reason that as soon a brand ambassador hits negative terrain, brands immediately distance themselves from them. A TikTok analytics tool that leverages emotion mining extracts sentiment from trending data and gives you insider information about what you can do to boost positive ratings, and how you can prepare for future trends.

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7. Predict sales

Knowing if your brand is liked or not, what aspects of it resonate the most with consumers, what unique demographics of your target audience like which aspects more - all this data can help you predict sales of your products and services. You can predict downward trends, as well as upward trends that can help you plan your business, manufacturing, and marketing processes. You can also demarcate which locations should sell what items more, and which store locations should be open longer. You can get all this and more information through TikTok analytics, even though social listening tools in the market do not offer such granular insights.

8. Monitor TikTok creators you sponsor

You should absolutely be able to monitor TikTok creators who your brand sponsors, as well as influencers and brand ambassadors. Your foremost responsibility is to protect your brand, even if it means dissolving influencers who do not follow your community standards. Another important way that the TikTok analytics tool with video AI can help you in this matter is that you can monitor whether the followers of those influencers are real or not. You can also verify the content they create and if it matches your ethics and general philosophy. Besides, if they are promoting your brand exclusively, you can ensure that they are not breaking protocol, as well as public sentiment towards those influencers is positive.

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9. Improve targeted content with customer insights

Analyzing sentiment in videos and comments can give you valuable insights into what your customers are like - what are their hobbies, likes and dislikes, interests, and other such information. This allows you to create clusters of content that you can develop and use to target those customer groups with certain interests or hobbies. Content marketing can help you create demand for new products, enhance the brand value of your current portfolio, and also highlight your achievements and accomplishments for brand amplification.

10. Competitor analysis

TikTok analytics with video AI can give you all the information you need about your competitors in terms of their relationship with your followers. You can know what competitor brands your followers and customers like apart from you, why, and if they are similar products/services, why they would choose you over them and vice versa. Our video search can get these insights not only from current but also from historical data, by which you can begin noticing trends that can pertain to certain times of the year, customers’/followers’ web traffic location, or holiday seasons.

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Fortify Your TikTok Strategy With Video Sentiment Analysis

Repustate’s AI-driven social media listening platform for TikTok video analysis gives you the ability to capture vital information from your data and take action on customer sentiments in real-time. By doing so, you are able to proactively align your business with customer needs, prepare for future market trends, and disrupt the market with new and innovative ideas that only you could envision, thanks to an in-depth TikTok video analysis capability that nobody else in the industry currently offers.

Find out more about TikTok insights for videos and data-driven TikTok video sentiment analysis. Talk to us today.