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Learn How a TikTok Analytics Tool Works and How To Use It

A TikTok analytics tool allows you to gain customer insights that go beyond profile analytics of likes and shares and it does so by data mining comments and videos. These insights from TikTok for social listening show you how your customers truly feel about your brand and products and what their opinions are. Based on this you can implement the necessary strategies to improve your products or customer experience and give your customers what they want and expect. This reflects on a better sales conversion ratio and helps you generate more profit.

In this article, we look at how a TikTok analytics tool works and you can use it to your benefit.

From Which Sources Does a TikTok Analytics Tool Gather Data?

The quality of the data you gather will impact the quality and reliability of the TikTok insights you get when using TikTok for social listening. To use a TikTok analytics tool effectively, it’s crucial to understand what sources you can use to gather data. There are generally three sources that can provide you with the data you need:

  • Dashboard analytics. The first data source you should look at is found within TikTok itself. The platform provides you with an analytics dashboard where you’ll be able to gather insights like the number of followers your channel has, number of likes and shares, number of views, and more.
  • Comments and hashtags. For richer data, and by implication, more detailed customer experience analysis when using TikTok for social listening, the insights found in comments and hashtags are invaluable. Your TikTok analytics tool can analyze these using text analysis.
  • Video analysis. Because TikTok is a video-sharing platform, it’s understandable that the most valuable insights will come from video content. Here, the TikTok analytics tool will use video content analysis to extract these insights and inform the strategies you use to improve your customer experience.

What Insights Does A TikTok Analytics Tool Share?

You can gain very important insights when using TikTok for social listening like sentiment trends in comments, or over time regarding your brand. You can gain from logo identification for competitor monitoring and brand protection. You can make qualitative discoveries from dashboard metrics, and more. Below, we enumerate more such insights.

1. Social brand mentions

Social and brand mentions that show you how many times your brand or products are mentioned and whether these mentions are positive or negative

2. Aspects & topics

Extracting aspects and topics and the sentiment around them from TikTok comments

3. Sentiment in comments

You can analyze the overall consumer sentiment towards a brand or its products from the comments in the TikTok videos

4. Hashtag analysis

You can analyze hashtag sentiments as well as individual videos based on the hashtags

5. Logo identification

Identify logos in videos and images using tools like video content analysis and search inside video

6. Aspect-sentiment

You can identify cases where aspects occur with a specific sentiment, and this will give you a view of the likes and dislikes of your audience to specific aspects of your product/service

7. Sentiments & Mentions over time

Track and analyze sentiment and mentions over time so you can see a pattern in the tiktok trend

8. Multilingual sentiment

Analyze and monitor sentiment and mentions in different languages

9. Dashboard analytics

Various TikTok metrics including follower count, likes, shares, video watch time, engagement, and more.

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How Do Companies Use a TikTok Analytics Tool?

The goal of using TikTok for social listening is to improve your customer experience (CX), tailor your products or services to your customers’ needs, and serve your customers better. Let’s now look at how companies use a TikTok analytics tool to achieve this.

1. Analyzing brand and product mentions in audio

A sentiment analysis API that incorporates a TikTok analytics tool can analyze video content for brand and product mentions. It does this by extracting the audio stream of the video and transcribing it to text. It then analyzes this text using a text analytics API and can show you how many times your business or products were mentioned and how many other brands or products were mentioned. These insights can help you devise strategies to improve your offering and stand out in the market.

2. Capturing text overlays in TikTok videos

Most TikTok videos feature text overlays. When using a TikTok analytics tool that features video content analysis, you’ll be able to extract the insights in these overlays. These insights are especially helpful when you want to use TikTok for social listening to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. In turn, you’ll then be able to improve them.

3. Identifying brand names and logos in videos

Apart from analyzing brand and products mentions, the right TikTok analytics tool can also identify the logos and brand names appearing in any given video. With these, you’ll be able to see how these logos and brand names are used, in what context, and by whom. As a result, you’ll be able to gauge how your digital strategy performs and on what aspects you should focus on to increase your reach.

4. Monitoring specific hashtags

It’s crucial that your TikTok analytics tool be able to monitor hashtags and extract the sentiment around them. When it is, you’ll be able to analyze hashtags and the context in which they’re used. This enables you to conduct voice of the customer analysis that shows you in what areas of your business you’re performing well and where you should make changes.

5. Predicting sales

When you use TikTok for social listening, you’ll be able to determine what customers like about your brand, what they don’t, and which aspects of your brand or products resonate most with your audience. These granular insights can help you predict the sales of your products or services which, in turn, make it easier to plan and make your business processes more efficient.

6. Monitoring sponsorships

Apart from monitoring aspects surrounding your business, a TikTok analytics tool should also allow you to monitor those TikTok creators you sponsor. This ability serves two purposes. One, it helps you gauge whether the sponsorship is worth it. Second, it can help you protect your brand by monitoring if creators are following your brand standards and if they abide by your values and philosophy.

7. Improving targeted content

By analyzing the insights on the tool’s customer experience dashboard, you’ll be able to understand what your customers want and expect. You’ll also learn what their hobbies and interests are, what kind of products they like, and much more. These insights allow you to target specific customers with crafted content that would resonate with them. By doing this, you’ll increase your conversion rate and make more sales.

8. Competitor analysis

When using TikTok for social listening, you’ll learn which of your competitors your customers like, which they don’t, and why they might choose your competitors over you. And when you know who your competitors are and what their strengths are, you can implement the necessary strategies to meet the needs of your customers better. As a result, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and reduce customer churn.

9. Influencer effectiveness

Influencers are becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. However, when you use influencers as part of your strategy, you should monitor how they perform, who their audience is, and whether they’re promoting your brand as they should. In addition, you’ll also be able to monitor the sentiment towards these influencers.

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10. Analyzing sentiment trends

A sentiment analysis API will calculate an overall as well as separate sentiment score for several aspects relating to your business. It’s also able to track this sentiment over time which means you’ll be able to identify trends in the market and what you can do to increase your customers’ sentiment towards your brand or products.

11. Avoiding PR disasters

Because TikTok for social listening gives you detailed insights into mentions, comments, and hashtags, and whether they’re positive or negative, you’ll be able to identify any potential public relations crises far earlier. This means you’ll be able to sort out any issues and misunderstandings faster, before they have a negative impact on your business’s reputation.


When using TikTok for social listening, you’ll get a wealth of insights that go deeper than just how many people follow your business and like its videos. These insights can, in turn, be used to make a significant difference to your bottom line. However, to get these insights you need the right TikTok analytics tool. Repustate has collaborated with clients worldwide in industries as varied as clothing retailers, healthcare organizations, advertising agencies, sports & entertainment clients. Our sentiment analysis platform, Repustate IQ, gives you all the advantages you need to learn more about your customers and better your business.