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Why is TikTok trend analytics important for clothing retail brands?

TikTok analytics is helping clothing fashion brands make strategic business decisions. Let’s take a look at how. But first, let me iterate why I think TikTok is such an awesome platform for clothing retailers and how you can use this brilliant medium for a great marketing & sales strategy through concrete sentiment analysis-based measures. Especially because with innovative video content analysis (VCA) technology, you can do so much more than what is possible with just text data from surveys, news, or reviews.

Why is TikTok ideal for clothing retailers?

What’s great about TikTok, and I think also sets it apart, is that it’s light-hearted and easy to use, with hundreds of themes and subject matters. Here’s the real clincher - it’s a relatively new platform, which means it’s ripe for the picking and is not inundated with brands scrambling for ad space. And let’s be honest, TikTok trends are fun. They’re so relatable that even our MPs use them.

1. Advert choices:

A definite plus is that you get access to your target audience (TA) without worrying about ad-blockers killing half your marketing efforts. Under-30s being the major age group that uses ad-blockers. TikTok overcomes this challenge because it has different ways how you can advertise your brand like hashtag challenges that go viral as TikTok trends, branded augmented reality (AR) content, and custom influence packages.

Check out this example of TikTok customer analysis for McDonalds logo campaign.

2. Fashion-forward:

So, not only can you take advantage of great user-generated content for your brand that doesn’t look like conventional marketing - you also attract a much sought-after crowd that’s traditionally fashion trendy and are early adopters. TikTok analytics can certainly help you lead the way in this.

3. Trust-worthy data:

Also, I think another really important factor to consider is that, unlike other platforms that are rife with fake views and fake followers, TikTok promotes fair play. It has a democratic form of how content is driven because it does so organically. This encourages more original user-generated content. This also means that the consumer insights from your TikTok analytics are going to be more accurate and more note-worthy than say what you get from Twitter or Instagram.

So here’s the real question. Now that we concede that TikTok is great for clothing retailers, how can you put the consumer data to good use for growing your market share?

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How can TikTok trend analysis help retail brands?

With TikTok analytics, you can narrow down your target market, measure your brand value, identify genuine influencers, analyze product feedback, as well as keep a tab on the pulse of your consumer. I’d say, with sentiment analysis for TikTok trends, you get everything you need in your marketing toolkit. Let me expand on this:

1. Identify your audience:

Well, for TikTok, data suggests that the most important demographic is predominantly people below the age of 30 - Generation Z, if you will. But within this group, with sentiment analysis, you can dig further and identify on a more accurate level, what sub-group you want to target. Repustate’s video content analysis application can help you with this. With customer personas on your list, you can figure which kinds of videos (tutorial videos vs hashtag challenges) suit your brand the best, and go from there.

2. Find what they like (beyond your own product):

This is another great finding that TikTok analytics can give you. A chance to know more about your consumer than just what they say about your brand. This information is gold for product enhancement, better service, future designs, ethical sourcing of raw materials and manpower, and so many other factors.

3. Measure brand value & reach:

You want to know how many people you’re reaching. And more importantly, if they are who you want to target and your efforts are giving you qualified leads. If your brand value is such that people promote your brand just by word of mouth, it means that your reach is going to grow organically, automatically. And if not, you can figure out where the lacuna is. This data can be at your fingertips with TikTok sentiment analysis.

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4. Analyze product feedback:

If the price is too high, the material on the dress is pilling, the jacket is ill-fitting, if the overcoat is stylish or not - you get to know everything - good and bad - about your product by analyzing sentiment for TikTok trends. Easily enough, you also know what design enhancements your consumers want and expect from you. Fast fashion brands rather thrive on this data, I’d say.

5. Social media listening:

People talk. And as marketers, our job is to listen to them. The voice of the customer (VoC) is the most influential of all in any marketing program, I believe, and with a really smart Text Analytics API, you can harness all this information for some really good strategic business planning.

6. Identify the best influencers for your brand:

With TikTok analytics, you can cut through the noise and find the right influencers for your brand, depending on their ideologies and follower personas. You can accordingly start formulating a plan to leverage the reach of these influencers on TikTok and perhaps then expand to other channels.

7. Protect your brand:

Social media sentiment analysis is also a very important avenue of protecting your brand from competitors. Keep a tab on what others are saying about you and proactively handle issues with regard to social sensitivities in a time plagued with cancel culture.

8. Measure the effectiveness of Ad campaigns:

When you decide on a marketing campaign with a hashtag challenge on TikTok, it’s also important to measure the effectiveness of your strategy. Guess lead a very successful fashion hashtag challenge campaign called #inmydenim three years ago in September of 2018, proving that with engaging content, integrated participation, and not a lot of investment, you can run successful campaigns on the platform.

9. Sense change in customer demand:

About 90% of TikTokers open their apps every day. So, it’s not that difficult to sense the change in consumer behavior and demand regarding your brand, if you have the right tools to do so. This is also easy thanks to TikTok’s organic method of boosting videos depending on organically generated views, as I mentioned before.

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By using a TikTok analytics tool, you can discover TikTok trends, analyze them, and identify patterns and user personas that you can leverage for your marketing strategy. Here’s how it happens behind the scenes of the analytics engine:

  • Step 1: Speech to text transcription

Repustate’s video content analysis API converts all videos that you have collected through data scraping to text, using an audio transcription program.

  • Step 2: Caption overlay

The API then segments the videos into frames and analyses each frame for any entities and aspects that you have defined. These are extracted and converted to text that can be sent for analysis.

  • Step 3: Image recognition

Next, the solution applies image recognition tasks to identify logos and brand-specific imagery, mines them, and then categorizes them for scrutiny for TikTok analytics.

  • Step 4: Comments

All comments under the videos are scraped for sentiment analysis as well. This includes any emojis, acronyms, and jargon.

  • Step 5: Sentiment Analysis

Key topics and recurring themes are extracted from all the data thus gathered and then it is analyzed for sentiment, +1 being the highest for positive and -1 for negative.

  • Step 6: Insights visualization

Finally, all the TikTok analytics results are represented on Repustate’s sentiment analysis dashboard as graphs and charts for easy consumption. You can also set alerts to monitor any change in sentiment based on keywords or spike in social mentions.

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On an ending note:

Let Repustate’s video content analysis technology do all the hard work for you so you can focus your time and effort on building the right marketing strategy to leverage TikTok for growth. Using TikTok Social Listening with sentiment analysis, you’re going to reach an international audience easily, and because our sentiment analysis API understands 23 languages natively, you’ll have all the right consumer insights that you will need.